Who Can You Count On? - Daughters of Promise - March 31

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Christine Wyrtzen

The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.  Psalm 16:6

Have you ever been denied what is rightfully yours?  Perhaps inheritance issues have divided your family and humanly speaking, you came out on the short end.  The pain of broken promises can turn the nicest hearts into bitter ones.  Twisted old men and women were once young dreamers.  Hurt upon hurt chipped away at their trust and their optimism and the face of cynicism was slowly revealed with the years.  With nothing and no one to count on, they threw up their hands and resigned themselves to get nothing.  They tested everyone in their life; "they love me...", "they love me not...."  Those who had a relationship with them felt the pressures of the relationship and got weary of jumping through hoops to prove their love.

To some degree, every one of us will have to deal with broken promises, whether it's within families, a place where I'm employed, or within the borders of a sacred friendship.  The message David would want me to know today is this ~ I am never destitute.  Because of Christ, I am rich and I have an inheritance no one can take away from me.  It is the Word and within the Word, there is a covenant of love that spans beyond the borders of my life.

Such nice, inspirational thoughts, aren't they?  Let me take them out of poetic realms.  If you have been burned and the memory of it eats away at you, then do this.  Consider Jesus' inheritance, how vast it is.  His inheritance is not a single address on a back road.  It is the universe.  Every distant star has His name on it.  As soon as you became His child, you became a joint-heir.  Your name is on heaven's legal document as shareholder because Jesus loves you so much that He plans on sharing everything He owns with you.  One day, when you take in your last breath and wake up in heaven, you will walk into an inheritance that makes Bill Gates appear as a pauper.

The inheritance of every child of God exceeds our expectations.  The sum value of it is so vast that we can not yet understand how rich we are.  Let's begin today exploring it.  I start by rehearsing God's covenant vows.  I also start by holding His Word in my hands and trembling.  If my face wears the lines of bitterness, they will melt away as God restores the childlike trust of our youth.

In your kingdom, my face gets younger.  My eyes get wider.  My heart gets bigger.  I love my inheritance because You gave it to me.  In Jesus' name, In Jesus' name, Amen

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Originally published Wednesday, 31 March 2021.