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Stuck Halfway - Daughters of Promise - March 24

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Christine Wyrtzen

I will meditate on your precepts and fix my eyes on your ways.  Psalm 119:15

The way of the disciple is to listen, meditate on what he’s heard, then travel the ways of His teacher.  David doesn’t just meditate to enjoy kingdom musings.  He narrows his eyes to consider God’s ways and to make sure he follows them.

My ears perk up whenever I hear someone describe a principle from the Word as “interesting”.  If it's only said now and then, it's not alarming.  But, if 'interesting' is habitually the way God's Word is described, then it’s as if the kingdom is nothing more than an indulgence of the intellect.  They are fattened by the entertainment factor and are self-satisfied because they understand certain concepts.  However, they seem to ignore their weaknesses and believe God for personal transformation.  Their Christianity stays in their head while their heart remains broken and full of self.

What’s critical for me to realize is this ~ If I boast of understanding something void of application, I don’t know the thing at all.  I can know and preach quite passionately that Jesus died for my sins, even watch others come to the altar, but still wallow in past personal failures.  Tragically, I have not personally experienced the freedom of having my sins forgiven.

For every word of Jesus that captures my heart, the invitation to allow my heart to be changed by that very word ~ follows.

I love to study and am tempted to be self-impressed because I did.  You’re not impressed, Lord.  What pleases You is whether or not Your Word travels to my heart and changes me. Don’t let me miss the most important part.  In Jesus' name, Amen

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Originally published Wednesday, 24 March 2021.