It's Not Just Me - Daughters of Promise - June 13, 2018

Christine Wyrtzen

Save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered.   Psalm 60:5

One of the ways God saves us is through the hands of His servants.  We look up to cry out - but then can look to the left or the right for His answer.  That is why fellowship is so important. I'm not talking about idle chatter that too often happens around a pot-luck supper. This is a cheap substitute for what God had in mind.  We call it 'fellowship' but I'm certain that every time we think we're doing it, God winces and draws in His breath.  People often leave a crowd and feel more alone than ever.

I love to watch movies, especially those that portray the best of the human spirit.  Long drawn out sagas are my favorite, even though they are often the target of much teasing by my husband, Ron.  He swears that it's more fun to watch grass grow.  Nonetheless, I am encouraged to see a few of the main characters work through their challenges and deepen their relationships.  Why?  Because it reminds me that I'm not alone.

That is why the church is so important.  Those who would live isolated are encouraged to live within a community.  In so doing, they rub shoulders with others who face cancer, harassment in the workplace, the pain of wayward children, and even a history of spiritual abuse within the home.  In telling our stories, there is strength.

Solomon described this phenomenon in Ecclesiastes.  He said that "Two are better than one.  If either of them falls, the other will lift him up.  If one is overpowered by an intruder, two can resist." I will add another example from personal experience.  If one falls into disbelief, the other will restore his trust in God.

Whatever breaks our heart today is not unique to us.  There are others who walk similar paths.  If we are committed to be a part of a thriving church, we will link arms with those who remind us that it is better to walk in pairs.  Better, because it is God's prescription for a blessed life.

Today, I am an imitator of those who have gone on before.  You sent out your disciples two by two.  I am not a lone ranger and thank you for my Spirit-companions.  Amen

Originally published Wednesday, 13 June 2018.