Jesus Went to the Missionfield - Daughters of Promise - December 27, 2018

Christine Wyrtzen

Instead, he gave up his divine privileges. He [Jesus] took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being.
Philippians 2:7

I’ve personally witnessed the pain a parent feels when their child boards a plane for far off places. The mission field beckons with all of its rewards and its dangers. The parents can’t foretell the future so they are not certain they will see their child again. They grieve as if they might not. Yet, they rejoice that some future reunion will ultimately be an eternal one.

Christian parents know it won’t be easy. The more hostile the culture to Christianity, the more danger their child faces. There will be want, discouragement, defeat, even threats of persecution. There will also be mountaintops, spiritual victories, and unexpected miracles. Does God understand a parent’s misgivings and broken heart when goodbyes are said? Yes, He experienced it firsthand.

The Trinity had always been together, functioning in perfect harmony from before time. Their synergy is described in terms of a rhythmic slow dance. They moved in perfect sync. Each had a clearly defined role and the execution of them was achieved without the slightest hint of friction.

Imagine how their rhythm was disrupted when the Son left the Trinity to go to His mission field. Intimacy was disrupted as the Son became a child in Mary’s womb. God, the Father, bade His Son goodbye and watched Him leave. God was able to see into the future. There was no fear of the unknown but there was pain. He knew what awaited His child. He envisioned the 40 days of temptation in the desert. He knew Lucifer intimately and could predict the all out war that would be waged. God knew who would accept Jesus as the Messiah. He knew the faces of those who would openly reject Him, too. He foresaw the close calls; the brushes with death as crowds plotted to kill Jesus. He meticulously planned each way of escape to ensure that His Son would fulfill His mission on Calvary. And yes, the Father also rejoiced, in advance, over the disciples that would be called and mentored. He looked down through the ages and saw an unstoppable church on the move. It would be battered but it would prevail. He saw it all and He felt what human parents feel at their child’s departure. Joy and agony.

As Mary welcomed her newborn Messiah, God had just said goodbye to a part of Himself. From a human perspective, the plan was ludicrous and treacherous. From a divine perspective, there was no other way. The love story of the ages was being written. It was the only way His estranged creation could be restored to paradise.

Father, You gave it all up too. Thank you for counting the cost and deciding that Your creation was worth loving so recklessly. Amen

Originally published Thursday, 27 December 2018.