What Did I Sign Up For? - Daughters of Promise - December 7, 2018


Christine Wyrtzen

Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: the one who leads, with zeal.

Romans 12:6, 8

If I am given something to manage and I’ve accepted the responsibility, I should do it well.  The paperwork shouldn’t sit on my desk, hidden under a stack of other things I’d rather do.  When I don’t turn things in on time, return phone calls, and administrate what I’ve agreed to organize, I leave a bad spiritual taste in other’s mouths.  If I don’t care, and I am Jesus’ ambassador, then others conclude that He doesn’t care either.

When Paul wrote these words, he was writing to people who lived under a different kind of local government.  There were no hospitals, orphanages, or rescue missions.  Extending compassion and mercy to those who needed it advanced the kingdom.  People within the church were given responsibility to take care of people in their villages and cities, even cities like Rome.  When their spiritual enterprise was well ordered, the love of Christ was on beautiful display and the flavor of the Gospel exploded.

God is not a God of confusion and whatever He does, He does well.  If He redeems just one area of my life, there are always dozens of side-benefits.  He gives even more than He promises because His nature is to bless.

What is on my plate today?  Have I missed deadlines?  Am I doing what has been promised but with an attitude of forced joy?  Perhaps what I signed up for wasn’t God’s plan for me.  I took the job because I felt pressured or because I have an issue with saying ‘no’.  This is a tough spot to be in because if God never called me to the work, then He hasn’t given me His joy and energy for the task.  I should finish the job and learn my lesson.  A life lived prayerfully, only doing what my Father has designed for me, is to be able to tap into the resources He promises when I obey Him.

Bad work ethics associated with any man or woman of God is a tragedy.  It shouldn’t be.  The tentacles to this are many.  I look at my calendar.  I ask the Lord to give me the ability to put holy order to what’s ahead.  If I’m on a church staff, I look at my church.  Does it reflect good organization?  Those who walk the halls can tell if we care; if our heart is in our work.  Right now, our church here in Athens, GA is coming out of a deep sleep and a hard time in their personal history.  Grateful now for the move of the Spirit, there is already talk of cleaning up Sunday School rooms, repainting, and allowing the new work of the Spirit in the hearts of people to be on full display in the esthetics of the building.  Exactly!

Whatever I lead, may it be what God called me to lead.  Whatever He called me to lead, let me stay on my knees until I have the zeal that makes others sense that the Spirit of God is with me.  A good leader doesn’t have to say much when He is anointed.  Others just step onto the pathway behind him.

I used to have a calendar ~ full of things I dreaded.  Thank you for taking them all away and teaching me how to live.  Now, I love what I do and can’t wait for each morning.  Make me an excellent kingdom worker for Your glory!  Amen

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