The Name in My Subconscious - Daughters of Promise - April 9

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Christine Wyrtzen

I remember your name in the night, O Lord, and keep your law.  Psalm 119:55

Who’s name is on your tongue in the middle of the night?  When we wake out of a deep sleep, a little groggy, conscious but not yet operative, we often speak a name.  It’s most always the identity of someone written deeply in our heart.  A child, a lover, a spouse, a parent.  Is it ever, “Lord Jesus”?

The themes of my subconscious tell a lot about me.  My affections and subconscious thoughts come out in dreams.   If I really spend much of my time meditating on the Word, asking the Holy Spirit to teach me, then the nighttime is one of the times He does His deepest work.  He is the great surgeon of the subconscious.  The seeds that I planted in the light continue to work on me while I sleep.  The renewing of my mind probably happens while I am no longer consciously awake.

I love the thought that the Lord’s name is on my lips – by default – no matter the time of day.  If something wonderful happens, “Thank you Lord” falls off my lips.  Something alarming occurs, “Lord, help” follows.  Someone comes to mind, “Lord, I lift them to you” rolls off my tongue.  As I live each moment, I share it with Him.

It is easier to keep God’s ways if His name is predominant in my heart.  Because He is ever present in the forefront of my mind, I aim to please.  Loving Him is my great privilege and highest joy.  Awake or asleep, He consumes my thoughts.

Day and night, I breathe Your name like a prayer.  Amen

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Originally published Tuesday, 09 April 2024.