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Created, The Separated - Daughters of Promise - October 5

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By: Christine Wyrtzen

And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. Genesis 1:4

God created. Then He divided light from darkness. This is how God works and develops His creation. He divides and starts new things. Throughout Genesis, in the physical, God will separate one thing from another to complete His intentions for creation.

In the spiritual, He does the same. The Hebrew word for ‘separated’ means ‘set apart.’ He chose Israel, created a people, and then separated them from other nations.

The most miraculous act of separation is what God does in a human being like me. He created new life in my once darkened heart and then separated me from the world. I am saved, not unsaved. A believer, not an unbeliever.

The process of separating light from darkness, setting me apart, will continue for the rest of my life. His Spirit will show me right from wrong. The Word, which brings light, will expose evil around me. When I see it, it should cause a combustible reaction. I am repelled, see it for what it is, and deal with it as God leads me. I either speak against it, pray about it, or walk away from it.

His light also reveals wisdom from foolishness. Wisdom is knowing what to do when there is no biblical precedent. These are the kinds of decisions that keep me up at night. There is no chapter and verse for what I’m facing and I want to do the right thing. What is it? God causes light to shine in my heart and separates my path. There is a light path over a dark path; a way of prudence over folly.

God is One who creates, then develops. He’s never finished with us. Once His child, He doesn’t walk away and leave us to figure things out on our own. When we are born again, we have only just begun to be ‘created’ in the image of God. Sanctification begins and the creation of abundant life in the soul of God’s child is the greatest miracle of all.

Until I am with You in heaven, my heart will suffer the effects of my own darkened soul. Create in me a clean heart, O God. Amen.

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit www.daughtersofpromise.org

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit www.daughtersofpromise.org

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Originally published Tuesday, 05 October 2021.