Arrows of Truth - Daughters of Promise - October 11

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Teach me, Oh Lord, the way of your statutes; and I will keep it to the end.  Psalm 119:33

God's instruction is not like sitting in a classroom with thirty other students.  It is not a generic kind of teaching. It is customized strategically for me; like I was the only student in the room.

The word for teach, in Hebrew, is yara.  One of its meanings is to shoot an arrow.  So, my loving Father understands me through and through.  He made me, knows how I'm wired, knows where I struggle, knows my learning style, and delights to tutor me with customized bits of learning that come like arrows. 

They penetrate my heart with such precision that I am stunned by their relevance to my situation and internal makeup. They just 'fit' into the crevices of my heart like each precept was made just for me.

Each concept, taught by the Spirit, feels like putting together a child's puzzle.  Each piece is big, colorful, and fun to handle. I can see where it fits perfectly in the rest of the puzzle. Jesus' words ring in my ear.  "My yoke is easy and my burden is light."  I can finally say that I know this is true because sitting at His feet, as His student, is exhilarating. With such personalized teaching in a loving environment, who couldn't thrive!

How can I make the promise to keep His Word to the end? Only if I am confident of His love and grace to help me. I know that whatever He asks of me, He will supernaturally enable me to do it. What He asks is always too hard for me to do without Him but possible to do with Him. 

It's like asking a friend to go with me to do something I'm scared of doing. I'm nervous about doing it alone.  We both know that the power of two makes bold adventurers. If I consider that the second person is Jesus, what could possibly frighten me enough to send me into inertia? Absolutely nothing.

Every morning, I ask that You speak to me with an arrow to my heart.  Precise, strategic, customized, and You do!  You are faithful to wrap my soul in the power of Your spoken words and I can feel the thrill of Your effect on me.  In Jesus' name, Amen

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