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Age Does Not Disqualify - Beloved Women - January 17, 2019

Age Does Not Disqualify – Beloved Women – January 17, 2019


Planted in the house of the LORD, they will flourish in the courts of our God. In old age they will still bear fruit; healthy and green they will remain. - Psalm 92:13-14 NLT


Everyone has an opinion over what's appropriate for me to say, do, feel, and birth "at my age."

For some people, I am too old. For others, I am too young. Truthfully, I spent years trying to fit my God-sized dreams into everyone else’s paradigm. Lately, however, I have shifted my thought process and embraced the truth.

I am EXACTLY the perfect age to fulfill what God has called me to do. Age is not a reflection of my maturity or readiness for God's planning.

Age has never been and will never be what disqualifies us from our calling. After all, God used Moses, Noah, David, and Sarah at unlikely ages based on the world’s standards. God does not operate in our sense of timing. He is not concerned by our human standards of age appropriateness. He can use whoever He chooses, however, He chooses. In this, there is freedom to live out God’s plan for us.


Father, I thank You for using me. Forgive me for times that I allowed others to dictate my walk and the future You have in store for my life. Lord, dispel the lies that try to convince me that I’m unqualified. Teach me to walk in the path You have for my life. In Jesus name. Amen.


Have you allowed your age to hinder you from something God is calling you to do?


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Originally published Thursday, 17 January 2019.