Give Praise for Answered Prayers - Beloved Women - February 5, 2019

Give Praise for Answered Prayers – Beloved Women - February 5, 2019


My mouth is filled with your praise, declaring your splendor all day long. - Psalm 71:8 NIV


When we pray and give praise, God listens. Many times when we pray to God, we are asking for help, healing, and hope. Some prayers God answers quickly, and some prayers take months and years to manifest. For every prayer that we are waiting to manifest, there is an answered prayer to give God praise for. The psalm writer in Psalm 71:8 speaks about the importance of keeping praise on our lips at all times.

When we reflect back on our lives, we want to be able to say that we gave more praise to God than pity. Give God praise for the answered prayers in your life.  Focus on giving thanks for answered prayers and spend less time lamenting on what hasn’t happened. God wants us to pray without ceasing, but don’t forget to celebrate and give thanks for God’s faithfulness each day.


Dear God, thank You for the many prayers that You answer in my life each day. I celebrate Your faithfulness and goodness to my family and me.  Please forgive me for times when I haven’t had a heart of gratitude, and focused more on what I perceived was lacking. Thank You for Your Word that reminds me that You provide all of my needs.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


What is one answered prayer that you can celebrate and give God praise for today?


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Originally published Tuesday, 05 February 2019.