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Learning to Walk in Love - Beloved Women - December 26, 2018

Learning to Walk in Love – Beloved Women – December 26, 2018


Love is patient… – 1 Corinthians 13:4 ESV


My quick trip to the drug store turned into a 20-minute wait! I exchanged a knowing look with the buyer behind me and quietly fumed. One customer was ahead of me and per her request, the cashier meticulously bagged her purchased items wrapping them with more care than I thought the drugstore bargains deserved.

After the customer finished, to my surprise, she insisted on paying for my items because of the wait. Immediately, I was humbled by her graciousness. I thanked the giver and said a silent, “thank you, Lord” in my head.

Sometimes the very things we resent become the avenue God uses to bless us. When I find myself in a place where resentment and impatience cloud my vision, I’m reminded of the truth, “love is patient”. May we all grow to the point that walking in love is a daily goal even when we find ourselves in undesirable circumstances. Doing so will be a reflection of our Savior and a witness to the world of what it means to belong to Him.


Father, thank you for expressing your love through people in tangible ways. In our daily lives help us to be conduits of your love and grace to others and to grow in walking in the fruit of the Spirit. May love, joy, patience, and kindness be evident in our interactions with all, in Jesus Name, Amen.


How can you walk in love today?


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Originally published Wednesday, 26 December 2018.