Why Don't You Hear God When You Need Him the Most?

Jennifer Waddle

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Updated Oct 01, 2020
Why Don't You Hear God When You Need Him the Most?

“If we do not even recognize when God is speaking, we are in trouble at the very heart of our relationship to Him.” – Henry Blackaby

Personally, I have never heard audibly from God, but I’ve been certain of His leading, direction, and provision in my 30+ years of following Him. He’s led me through some wonderful and painful seasons. He’s directed me in the ways I should go. And He’s faithfully reminded me that even when He is silent, He is still working everything out for my good.

It can be difficult to understand why you don’t hear from God when you need Him the most. You might even assume He doesn’t care. If this describes you, please be encouraged today. Even when God’s voice is hard to hear, He can absolutely be trusted to lead, direct, and provide for you in every season.

Here are 4 reasons why you don’t hear God when you need Him most:

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You Aren’t Listening

Have you ever been in a conversation with a child, only to realize you tuned out most of what they said? It’s hard to stay focused when others are talking (and talking and talking)! These days, we are highly distracted by our phones, social media, and our own agendas. We struggle to stay fully engaged with those around us, and we struggle to stay fully engaged with God.

If you aren’t hearing God when you need Him most, it could be you aren’t listening. Maybe you’ve opened the Bible, only to find your mind wandering to other things. Perhaps you’ve started to pray, only to be interrupted by what’s going on around you.

In order to listen intentionally to God, it’s important to carve out uninterrupted time to be alone with Him and allow Him to speak. Here are a few ways to make listening to God a priority:

  • Rise early, before your family members are awake.
  • Create a personal prayer room with a door you can close.
  • Sit alone in your car.
  • Find a quiet place in nature to pray and worship.

Once you’ve carved out time to listen, and have found a quiet spot to meet with the Lord, let your family members know you are not to be interrupted. Listening to God is serious business, and should be treated as the utmost priority. Treat your time with Him as the most important appointment of the day, and soon, you’ll be hearing everything He has to say—just when you need it most.

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He Isn’t Speaking

When we examine the life of Job, the Old Testament believer who went through unimaginable trials, we see a lengthy period of time when God remained silent. Even when Job cried out for answers and deliverance, the Lord took a long time to speak and act. While this may seem mean-spirited, we have to remember who God is. The Bible assures us that He is:

  • Love
  • Light
  • Holy
  • Good
  • Compassionate
  • Perfect

When we focus on God’s divine attributes, we are comforted. Even when He asks us to wait, He is faithful in the waiting. Try to view these silent seasons as a call to rest, trust, and remain in Him. Eventually, He will speak truth into your situation. Just as the Lord offered an entire discourse of truth to Job in the end, so the Lord will speak into our lives in His own time.

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The Answer Is Already Given

When the Bible says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” this is an invitation for us to search the Scriptures for the answers God has already given.

The Lord is faithful to answer us when we need Him most, and sometimes His answer comes in the form of His written word. If you are looking for wisdom concerning an important issue, consider looking up key Bible verses pertaining to your needs. Chances are, God has already given clear direction, and will speak to you accordingly.

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He Is Asking You to Trust Him

Trusting God to provide is a wonderful concept, and one that most Christians want to live out. However, when the Lord seems silent or even aloof to our circumstances, it doesn’t take long for our faith to waiver. If trust doesn’t come easy for you, here are a few ways to build it:

Recall God’s faithfulness:

How has God come through for you in the past? How has He made a way for you? By recalling God’s faithfulness, you are assuring yourself of His provision. You can trust Him, even when you can’t hear him.

Read the testimonies of others:

When you find your trust wavering, read the testimonies of others. There are amazing stories of faith and redemption that will inspire you and help you trust that God will work all things out for your good.

Remember His promises:

If you aren’t sure what God’s promises are, search the Scriptures for a few key promises you can hold on to. Hide the Word in your heart so that in times of trouble, you can easily recall His words of wisdom and comfort.

There will be times when you don’t hear God—even when you need Him most. But this doesn’t mean He is aloof to your circumstances. In times of silence, hold fast to His promises, trust in His provision, and spend more time listening. Here are a few extra resources to help you hear God’s voice in a noisy world:

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Originally published Monday, 31 August 2020.