Does God Care about the Details?

Jolene Underwood

Contributing Writer
Updated Sep 21, 2021
Does God Care about the Details?
Does God care about the details down to what I wear or which job I take? Maybe this is the wrong question. Let's explore why.

My friend Tammy asked this question a slightly different way, “Is God interested in the details of our lives?

This discussion has come up over the years in different places. Some say God is interested in every single detail, down to the color of clothes we wear. Some say God doesn’t care at all. We need to stop worrying about such a thing and move on.

If I asked ten people, I would probably get ten different answers. Each one would vary in focus and intent because each person’s filter of life experiences and their personalities would affect the content of their response.

Questions We Might Ask about God's Concern Over the Details of Our Lives: 

  • Does God want us to check-in before every decision in life? If I don't ask Him what He wants me to do about every little thing, am I being disobedient and willful?
  • Does God's hand in the details mean He cares about the hangnail on my toe? Or which shoes I wear? If so, then why isn't He making my circumstances better? I thought he wanted me to be happy.
  • Does God want me to take this job or that job? Both have pros and cons. Surely, one is the right answer?

There is a deeper issue embedded in the original question.

If the answer is yes, it may signal to one person a legalistic burden to make sure we have God's blessing on every decision we make.

For another, it may lead to awe and wonder as they daily converse with God and draw nearer through the activity of His Spirit.

If the answer is no, it may signal that God doesn't care about the small hurts in life and therefore they feel lower about themselves than the value God assigns.

Or, they may feel released from caring about the little things to such a degree that they don't notice when God is getting their attention through them.

What If This Is the Wrong Question?

If this is a question you've asked, what is it you really want to know? The answers here too could be varied.

  • Are you longing to know God sees and cares about you and the seemingly smaller matters of life?
  • Are you comparing your trials to that of the world and therefore believing yours aren't important enough?
  • Do you believe self-denial (of God's attention) is desired? If so, you're devaluing self as God sees you.
  • Do you want to get it right and feel like you need to check-in all the time in order to not make God mad?
  • Are you trying to outrun failure?
  • Do you fear being chastised as if God would condemn when clearly He says He won't? (Romans 8:1)

The reason why we seek an answer reveals a lot about what motivates our hearts. It may be towards God-reliance or self-reliance. Legalism or love.

I propose a different question: "Are we living from the source of life God gives us through His Spirit?"

When God Speaks 

I'll never forget the day I cried what felt like bucket loads of tears in the tub. I begged and pleaded with God for something I believe lines up with His will and His character.

"God, please make this stop!" I wanted Him to intervene on my behalf in specific ways. What I believe He said in return shocked and challenged me.

"I've already given you what you need. Now walk in it."

A friend recently shared how she was searching for her next thing to enjoy in life. All the kids are in school and new opportunities are available to her. She believes she heard God say, "What do you want to do?"

She was shocked. God gave her leeway to explore her gifts and desires. He essentially invited her to take a journey with Him in pursuing something new, like He did with me.

God often works in ways we don't expect.

These stories reveal God drawing His children to a journey of trust without specific answers.

There are other times when the Spirit nudges specific movement that is out of the norm. Like when we have a sudden sense to drive a different way home, or respond to someone in a way we don't understand. Or, when we suddenly sense the need to attend to a matter we hadn't noticed before.

Obedience results in God working through the individual in some unique way that they experience God more profoundly.

God in the Details & the Big Picture

If you've wondered about God's attention to detail, or His activity within them, consider the story of Joseph.

God had to be involved in so many pieces of His story in order to save the nation of Israel. This sermon message from Mosaic Church Austin covers events that seem to have "just happened", but played a part in the big picture.

Message Series: Meant for Good     Message: How God Saves Us    {scroll to bottom for this message}

Joseph's life reveals God in the details and these details impacted the big picture. Jesus' lineage reveals God at work too. Consider the detailed list of names in the book of Matthew. Also, consider the number of prophecies that had to come true for Jesus to be THE Messiah.

Scripture says He knows the hairs on our heads. {Matthew 10:30; Luke 12:7}. Certainly, God's hand was intentionally at work in the creation of every cell, atom, and micro detail of our beings as well as the complexity of our vast universe.

God is always at work in our lives. Not one tear gets missed. Not one desire unseen. He uses the details to bring about our good and His glory.

He chooses to pardon and forget the sins of all believers so we don't have to live under the burden of getting it wrong. He also invites to a journey of trust and deeper surrender so He can continue the work of transformation in our lives.

What Do We Need to Focus On?

God is always drawing us to Him. He is bringing about stories of redemption throughout the world simultaneously. He knows how every detail impacts other details.

Ultimately, I believe God cares deeply that we love Him and seek to know His heart for us.

Sometimes that comes through noticing Him or hearing from Him in various details of life.

Sometimes, it means trusting what He's already said in scripture and how He's designed us so we can make our own choices and move forward.

If we are sensitive to Spirit at work within us, we will be malleable enough in our hearts and minds to change direction if needed.

What do we need to focus on? I believe we need to focus on the God who is at work within us and see what He's up to.

Maybe it's zooming into the details where we'll see His tender care so intentionally involved that we experience His love more deeply.

Maybe it's zooming out and considering the bigger picture where we learn to trust Him for our next steps without knowing what they will be.

QUESTION: Where is God at work in your life? How has He revealed Himself through details or fuzzy moments?

For further exploration, this Facebook Live video on my YouTube channel discusses what our motivations are and what we can discover through this question.

VIDEO: Does God Care About the Details of Our Lives?