4 Reasons God Isn't Talking To You

Renee Fisher

Devotional Diva
Updated May 16, 2016
4 Reasons God Isn't Talking To You
Does it seem like it's been awhile since God spoke directly to your heart? One of these 4 reasons might be why.

I know better than to borrow tomorrow's grace; however, when I'm feeling stuck in today I often wonder why God isn't talking to me.

May you're like me in that I don't like to stay stuck for very long. 
I am also not the best at resting (yikes, but who is?).

The past few months have been sort of weird for me to figure out why God isn't talking to me. It's not like I haven't been seeking God or growing, because I have. It's not like I've felt stuck either. I've just been--well--busy. Distracted.

Maybe you have been just as busy as well.

Before I wish all of you a happy summer, I wanted to offer 4 reasons why God might not be talking to you. Maybe like me, you will find clarity to continue to seek God through the ups and downs. I hope you'll take a moment and see if which, if any, of the reasons below apply to your life today!

Reason #1. God might not be talking to me because I didn't complete the last assignment He gave.

My mom calls this reasoning "the dimmer switch principle."

If you do what God says--more will be given to you. 
If you fail to act--whatever you have will be taken away. 
It's really that simple.

However, I want to offer a disclaimer: Delayed obedience is disobedience. I am not talking about purposefully disobeying God. I am talking about making sure you're moving forward with the last thing God spoke to you even if you're afraid or clueless on how to proceed. Faith takes the first step!

I found a verse to support this, and it says,

"For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them" (Matthew 25:29, NIV).

Reason #2. God might not be talking to me because I forgot or ignored the last thing He said.

It's easy to forget the last thing God said when life is busy. That's why I love to journal because it's easy to go back and re-read where my head was at, what verses I wrote down, and what I felt God was talking to me.

Maybe you need to revisit some of your writings, journals, or conversations with friends to remember what God said before life hit the fan or things got busy. Also, don't be afraid to give yourself grace. It's easier to be harder on yourself than it is to others. Just think of it as taking yourself out for coffee. Ask God to search your heart because He cares for you (Psalm 139:1).

Reason #3. God might not be talking to me because I'm rushing instead of resting in His presence.

I appreciate what Leeana Tankersley wrote in "Breathing Room" that "Sometimes resting is the biggest and brave risk of all" because it "create[s] space for your true self, as God does for his creating."

I have been fighting this reason for the past week. 
It's easy to get into a cycle of busyness. 
It's easy to rush.

I confess my heart has been anything but quiet. I've been worrying, stressing, and freaking out about every distraction that comes into my path.

Sometimes spending time in God's presence isn't as much as about hearing God talk to you but getting the strength to continue. I need to learn how to roll my burdens on to God, and not just because it's a pretty Bible verse. I need to give God all of my cares and concerns because if I don't the weight of them all will kill me. Understand?

Reason #4. God might not be talking to me because I completed the last assignment He gave (or so I thought).

Remember King Saul? I am deeply moved by his story because the people of Israel had rejected God as their King, and God choose Saul to lead them. Saul was all that and a bag of chips, and he knew it. When he couldn't follow instructions Samuel gave him from the Lord for the second time (see 1 Samuel 13:7-14)--it made Samuel weep all night long.

Let's be honest.

We've all been that friend. And. We've all been friends with that friend. The friend who arrogantly thinks he or she is obeying God while covering up their disobedience (in Saul's case it was the sound of sheep).


And please hear me on this. No. One. Is. Perfect. The only difference between King Saul and I is my response. Saul did not repent until he was caught. Let's try to be men and women above reproach. The kind that forgives and asks for forgiveness.

Life will always threaten to get in your way of hearing from God. Don't let it. Cultivate a soft heart and you'll be okay.

Question: Are there any reasons keeping you from hearing from God today? Why?