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5 Ways to Stay Connected to the Local Church through Summer

Vivian Bricker

Contributing Writer
Published: Jun 09, 2022
5 Ways to Stay Connected to the Local Church through Summer

Staying connected to your church through summer can be difficult at times. Often, summer vacations, obligations, and visits with family can get in the way of staying committed to the local church. Just like throughout other seasons of the year, it is crucial that we stay connected to our local church in our busy, traveling days of summer. 

Let's check out five ways that you can stay plugged in with your local congregation: 

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1. Tune in Virtually

The number one way to stay connected to the local church through the summer is to tune in virtually while traveling, visiting family, etc. It is common for singles, married couples, and families to not be at home over the summer, but we can still tune in virtually through our phones, computers, or other electronic devices. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became “normal” to meet virtually because it protected the well-being of the church family from spreading and contracting the coronavirus. As members of our local church, we can take advantage of this new addition to Sunday worship services by logging onto their live stream meetings when we are out of town.

While tuning in virtually is not the same as going in person, it is still beneficial to our growth as Christians. Through meeting virtually, we can still hear our pastor’s sermon and receive the spiritual nourishment that our souls need. We are very blessed to live in a time period where we do have access to attending church through our electronic devices. In the past, if a family was away during the summer, they would have had no access to connecting to their local church until they returned. Therefore, meeting virtually for church is a great way to stay connected to your local church through the summer. 

2. Go on a Mission Trip with Your Church

A second way to stay connected to your local church through the summer is to go on a mission trip that they host. Most churches offer mission trips, especially for teens and young adults. A great way to stay connected to the local church, even though you won’t be in the city of your local church through the summer, is by going on a mission trip with fellow congregation members. Mission trips are a vital part of Christian growth—and an undeniable call to fulfill the Great Commission—and they can help us see a new perspective on the world. 

There are numerous places that your local church could go on a mission trip. If your local church doesn’t currently do mission trips over the summer, you could talk to the mission board of your church or your pastor about possibly starting mission trips hosted by your congregation. The most unreached area in the world includes the 10/40 window, yet the whole world is in need of the Gospel. If your local church doesn’t know where to go on a mission trip, the members of the local church can pray and ask for God’s guidance. In time, God will guide the local church in where He wants them to serve. 

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3. Home Bible Studies

A third way to stay connected to the local church through summer is by having home Bible studies with your church family. You could take turns hosting home Bible studies in each other’s houses. Home Bible studies are always fun and they help cultivate your relationship with God as well as with other members of your church. Usually, home Bible studies take place in the evening, but you can choose any time of day that works best for the local church. This flexibility in schedule allows you to still study the Bible and gather together even if you are out of town or traveling over the weekend.

Throughout the summer, you could study a particular book of the Bible or a particular theme, such as the fruits of the Spirit, the importance of honesty, the deity of Christ, or another topic. Truly, the possibilities are endless. Be creative in your home Bible studies and make sure to make everyone feel welcomed. Sometimes the local church will have something called “life groups,” to which church members meet with their life groups once a week in the evening. Life groups are normally focused on certain eras of life such as teens, single adults, married couples, and families, but it is up to you whether you want to separate each other into groups according to what life stage they are in, or you can keep everyone together. 

4. Praying for Your Church Family

A fourth way to stay connected to the local church family is by praying for your church leaders and members. This might sound basic, and some might even think this is unproductive because praying is not the same as meeting at a local church, but hear me out: by actively praying for our church family, we will consistently have them at the top of our minds and will be interceding for them. Prayer is often overlooked, but it is very powerful. Praying for our church family will help us stay connected to them in spirit.

While it might be unreasonable to pray for every single person in your local church every single day, you can make an effort to pray for at least one member of your church family each day. You could also reach out through telephone, text message, or email to inquire about any personal prayer requests from your local church. Reaching out and asking about any prayer requests will also help you stay in active communication with your church family over the summer. It will also make the members of your church feel loved and cared about because you took the incentive to reach out and connect to them. Just this small gesture can make a world of difference to somebody’s soul. 

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5. Church Picnics

A fifth way to stay connected to the local church through summer is by hosting church picnics. Having picnics is always fun and gives us time to talk with our local church family. Picnics are perfect for the summertime because it is warm and most times, there is not too much rain, which means it shouldn’t be washed out. Even if it does rain a lot where you live, you could have a church picnic under a shelter in a park or you could take your picnic indoors. Whichever way you choose is great as long as you are connecting with your local church.

Normally during picnics, each individual who comes to the picnic would bring a dish, a side, or a dessert. If you are the one hosting the picnic, you could ask for each member to bring a dish or you could specify what the picnic would need, such as watermelon, chips, coleslaw, or something else. Or you could leave it more vague and the church members could bring their own unique dishes, sides, and desserts. It is a fun time to have a picnic with your local church family because it is a time of joyful conversation, catching up, and enjoying each other’s company, even if everyone can't make it to Sunday's formal service. 

Staying Connected

Staying connected to the local church through summer might sound hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Meeting virtually, going on a mission trip with your local church, having home Bible studies, praying for your church family, and hosting church picnics are all great ways to stay connected to your local church through the long days of summer. Even if you are traveling across America this summer or going across the globe, make sure you try to stay connected to your local church. Staying connected to the local church is vital to receiving spiritual nourishment, Christian fellowship, and growth in Christ. 

Vivian Bricker loves Jesus, studying the Word of God, and helping others in their walk with Christ. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts and Master's degree in Christian Ministry with a deep academic emphasis in theology. Her favorite things to do are spending time with her family and friends, reading, and spending time outside. When she is not writing, she is embarking on other adventures.

Originally published Thursday, 09 June 2022.