When Silence Speaks

Originally published Thursday, 09 January 2014.

I never pay attention to how loud my house is, until its quiet. Without trying, I can hear every subtle creak and mild vibration that fills these rooms when all else has evacuated.

There is something refreshing and calming about the gentle hum of an empty space. A space that is normally full of giggles, sneezes and pitter-patters effortlessly galloping across the floor, begins to own a new sound in the silence.

I can hear it all so clearly.

It’s the sound of warm air anxiously escaping the vents in 15-minute intervals. Each burst is just as powerful and full of potential as the one before.

Pipes breathing, floors shifting and furniture readjusting.

I’m listening.

The sound of the wind making a new home for damaged leaves.

Raindrops lightly teasing the wilted wood on the floor of the deck.

I can even hear my own breath—rhythmically flowing in and out.

Each sound reminding me that He is here. It’s in this empty space that He speaks loudly. His soft whispers bring comfort and guidance.

I relish in this space, in its undisturbed state, allowing the stillness to float freely in my mind.

Allowing His presence to occupy His creation.

The funny thing is, these are not new sounds. Their presence lives humbly in this space with me always.  Always right here—waiting and wanting to be noticed.

Soon these walls will vibrate with the sounds that make this structure a home. Sounds that matter. Sounds that give my world meaning and fill my heart with life.

My heart depends on the presence of both. Some details can only be enjoyed after moments of emptiness.

Life is bursting with nuances that can only be appreciated when we clear the room and make space for them.

There are things He wants to tell you. Things that are so full of Him, they can only be heard in emptiness.

Don’t quiet the silence with noise. Give God the opportunity to speak in your empty space.