She Is Yours-A Prayer For Our Daughters

Originally published Tuesday, 29 January 2013.

Note: This prayer is take from a 30 day prayer journey shared on my site For Girls Like You.

Praying for our children is not just something we need to do periodically but daily-intentionally.  Below is a prayer I wrote to remind myself of my dependence on God, and to completely surrender my children to Him. I happen to have 4 daughters and as result, I tailored the prayers accordingly!  As you cry out to God for your children, feel free to update to fit your own family! More information on the full 30 day journey can be found here and a full download is available here!

She Is Yours

Heavenly Father,

As I set out on this journey

and commit to praying for my daughter(s) over these next 30 days,

I begin by releasing her into your care.

I surrender my desire to control her

I surrender my desire to manipulate her future

I surrender my desire to overprotect, shelter and suffocate her

I surrender my desire to be her best friend, first

I surrender MY dreams for her

I surrender my need to be her source

I’m totally open, dependent, and desperate for you to be in control as I let go. I’m relying on the fact that you are God, and that you have created my daughter for Your purpose, for this time.

I pray that You will draw her to yourself

I pray that she delight in You

I pray that You be patient with her

I pray that You provide for her

I pray that You bless her

I pray that You use her to be a blessing to others

I pray that You mature her

….and ultimately, I pray that she shows Jesus in her very being

She is Yours.

I trust in Your sovereignty

I wait in expectation for Your providence

She is Yours.

 More information on the full 30 day journey can be found on the For Girls Like You site: