Prepping For Purpose

Originally published Wednesday, 24 July 2013.

I stood in my closet a bit defeated. In front of me was a rack of short sleeve shirts and brightly colored tank tops. To my left, was a shoe rack neatly lined with a variety of my favorite sandals, a few hanging cotton hats and a handful of various flip-flops.   Dangling to my right were sundresses, linen skirts and cotton shorts.

I had nothing to wear!

I know that sounds like a typical female cliché, but in this case it was actually true. 

It was the end of June and I live in Dallas, TX.  It was HOT.  January in Dallas is often warm, and June is typically unbearable, which means the only thing missing from my closet was a fan! However, on this particular day the items in my closet served no purpose because I was in the process of packing for a trip to Alaska.

The sundresses, shoes and tanks in my closet matched my current situation but they would not meet the needs of my future destination.

I remained in my closet for a while disheartened, with sweat creeping down my temple.  I closed my eyes in an attempt to remove myself from my present-day reality, in order to wrap my mind around where I was headed.

I needed to picture myself surrounded by snowcapped mountains. I needed to imagine the chill in the air caused by cold winds sweeping off of the ocean.  I needed to put myself directly in front of the breathtaking beauty of the glaciers, as ice shears drop into the frozen northern waters.  I needed to prepare for things I had never seen or felt, yet hoped to one day experience.

As I began to dig out sweaters, boots and scarves, I felt awfully silly. I was tempted to include at least one of my favorite things, like the long sundress that I can't live without on a hot summer day or of course my newest pair of comfy sandals! However, as I watched my suitcase filling up with the articles I needed for my journey, I came to grips with the truth that some of the needless items would need to be left behind.  Yes, these were pieces that I loved, but would be of no value or purpose to me in this new environment. I had to remind myself of where I was going.

My future destination required a shift in my present state of mind and, friend, so does yours.

We certainly need to live out fully our today, but if that is all we live for, we will not be preparing for the destination that God is wooing us towards.  And yes, this does sometimes require that you take a moment to close your eyes and picture the beauty and grandeur that He has for you.

Think about your future as you journey through your day. Where is God taking you as woman, a wife, and a mother? Take inventory and begin to fill your world with items of purpose for tomorrow, which may require you to let go of some things you’ve been storing in your closet.

What items, ideas or habits are you holding close, when the reality is there is simply no need or space for them where God is taking you.

What is it that God is asking you to do now to prepare for the journey ahead?