Helping Our Daughters To Find Value

Originally published Friday, 09 August 2013.

Our girls are on a continual search to find their value, and will stop at nothing to receive it.   They want to know what they are worth and if it isn’t assigned to them then they will find it in something or someone, accepting less than God’s best for their life. 

James Dobson says,
“The most valuable contribution a parent can make in [their] child is to instill in [them] a genuine faith in Jesus Christ.” 

He goes on to say that there is no greater sense of self-worth “than knowing that the Creator of the universe is acquainted with [them] personally.”

We have not enough power, inspiration or fineness to create heart change in our daughters, but every day we have the opportunity to lead them to the savior.  What are you doing now to introduce them, and relentlessly intersect their young lives with the amazing grace and love of Jesus?

Here are 3 practical ways to lead them to Christ:

1.  Guide her - Pray with your daughter and be real in your prayer.  Admit your failure to the Lord, and seek His forgiveness.  Expose her to the reality that you aren’t perfect and need forgiveness, opening her heart and mind to genuine repentance.  Thank God for his hand and generosity in your life, helping her to see your reliance on Him.

2.  Teach her – Spend time with her in the Bible and as life circumstances happen, refer back to what God has to say about that situation.  This could be as simple as commending her when she completes a chore or a task without complaining or arguing and then showing her how God’s word promises that her life “will shine” as she is obedient to what he asks. (Philippians 2:15)

3.  Expect from her – Always expect the best from her.  No matter what the task, make an effort to ask her if she did her best.  If she can answer an honest yes, then commend her and encourage her to thank the Lord for the success. If she cannot always answer yes, then that makes her human :-) Be encouraged and continue to walk with with her by  guiding and teaching.