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Heaven: Do’s, Don’ts or Marshmallows?

Originally published Thursday, 04 April 2013.

One morning I watched quietly as my 5 year old, Kaitlyn, delighted herself in a bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. Lucky Charms are a treat in our home and they are also Kaitlyn’s favorite. I observed as she intentionally chose each bite; placing one marshmallow in the center, surrounding it with just one or two of the other shapes and topping it with just a sprinkle of milk! The marshmallows are her favorite part, so I am sure the goal was to capture as much uninterrupted flavor as she possibly could!


Before long, the bowl was empty and Kaitlyn was satisfied. She then looked up and began to gaze at the front of the cereal box.  Before I could say anything, her face lit up and she gleamed as she said, “Mommy, I think this is what heaven looks like!”


After taking a moment to process this, I realized that Kaity was on to something. Of course I am not promising her bowls of glistening marshmallows in heaven. But I am pleased that she views heaven as a place full of things she loves! 


As parents, it is our responsibility to paint a picture of Heaven for our kids.


How are you painting your picture? Are you painting the walls with a rigid list of do’s and don’ts or are you showing them the marshmallows!?


I pray that our kids think of heaven and smile about what they may find there! Our God is lovable, huggable, joyous and so much more! Heaven is full of Him!