Bite By Bite

Originally published Tuesday, 03 June 2014.

"Mommy," my daughter said casually.  "I bit my finger today."  

"Oh no! What happened?"

"I was biting a Cheeto, and well.. I just kept on biting it!" she said as if it was a very normal thing to say.



Followed by more laughter. 

This is a hilariously true story and a word for word conversation held with my 7 year old, Kaity. 

She stood in front of me with a band-aid wrapped around her pointer finger and explained the details of her recent Cheeto eating adventure. 

Kaity and I have something in common, we love food. Not just for survival purposes but for the enjoyment. We tend to savor Every. Single. Bite. 

Often at dinner, my husband and three other girls will beg Kaity to stop picking tiny pieces off of her muffin or drum stick and to just "take a bite!"

It is rather interesting to watch how long she can make a biscuit linger.

Bite by bite she is determined to enjoy every single morsel.

And then, she bit herself. Her own finger, she nibbled and nibbled on something delicious until it no longer existed...and the humor is, she was so enthralled with her enjoyment that she did not even realize it was gone. 

Humorous indeed. Or is it? 

I'm sure if you and I were to sit and think long enough, we'd agree that we have been there...may even be there. 

One last bite. 


Just one more laugh. 

Just one more pair of shoes. 

Just one more donut. 

One. more. word. 

It feels so good, doesn't it? Until we feel the pain. 

I'm not sure about you, but I have certainly bitten myself a few times. My friendship, my wallet…my tongue. 

Bite. By. Bite. I've gone too far. Took things over the edge by just nibbling. 

The beauty of self-control is knowing when you've reached the end-- of a good thing. 

Yes, Savor the moment but when enough is enough sometimes we just need to stop.

Kaity, with her vanished Cheeto and wounded finger may not realize it just yet, but knowing when to stop is a critical discipline.  

One of the most overlooked "Fruits of the Spirit" is self-control.  We all lack it in one ore more areas in our life.  Seek The Lord today, that he might grow you in your love for Him, others, and yourself.