A Summer Bible Journey For Girls

Originally published Tuesday, 28 May 2013.

As I journey the road of nurturing four girls in Christ, one of my repeated prayers is that my girls will experience and treasure their Christian faith as more than a family tradition. My prayer is that God’s Word would penetrate their hearts and forever occupy their minds, direct their responses and guide their lives. Ultimately, I’m praying that my girls would develop a personal relationship with Christ that transcends my direction, rule, and discipline.

When I think of my childhood, I have memories of church services, bible studies, youth retreats and Christian camps. But if I am honest, I did not take ownership of my faith until I entered into the early stages of adulthood.  Sadly, the reality for me was that my mistakes had piled up, the holes had been dug and my spirit broken into many pieces. Aren’t you grateful for a God that heals, redeems and restores?  I certainly am! I often wonder, had I dug deeper, and really knew and understood The Word, if I would have prioritized my faith years earlier, bypassing some of the wounds sustained.

Please don’t get me wrong. I know that I cannot save my children from mistakes and hurt, however I’m convinced that God has prepared me to play a significant role.  I can encourage them to develop a personal relationship with Christ that will overtake and outlast hormones, immaturity, and mistakes, large and small.

I teach my girls God’s Word. I surround them with love and desperately try (while horribly failing often) to imitate Jesus’ life. Amongst many things, I drill in their ears, hearts and minds that…

You have been forgiven. 

You have been saved by grace.

God is with you.

You are His child.

You are chosen.

You are the light of the world. 

I pray FOR them.  I pray WITH them.  I seek guidance as I raise them. However, the bridge between my prayers and a true relationship is their personal ownership of their faith.  In order to personalize it, they need to know and understand it.

That’s why, this summer I would like to invite you and your girls to take a 6 week journey into scripture with me! The journey will include weekly study guides with a key verse (to memorize) as well as questions and application scenarios.  

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