5 Ways to Help Our Daughters to Love God’s Word!

Originally published Friday, 11 April 2014.

I am sure that you know this, but The Bible is the best book our children will ever read! There are answers to their hardest questions, advice on how to handle their most difficult times and solutions to every problem they will ever encounter.

So how do you encourage your kids to actually read the Book for themselves?

Here are 5 practical ways to help them to get to know and develop a love for God's Word!

1. Be the example. Let her see you reading and hear you talking about God’s word in your daily life.

2. Help her to carve out time. It is true that many things will not happen during our days if we do not schedule them. Encourage her to set a time to dig into the Word of God on her own! 

3. Know the genre of stories she enjoys and point her there in the Bible. For example, if she loves stories about friendships, tell her about the Book of Ruth! If she is into scientific adventures, then show her Genesis and the story of Creation!  Show her that God knows about everything she loves!

4. Encourage her to read with a friend!

5. Make it a personal journey.  Give her a Bible of her own and give her the freedom to doodle, take notes and highlight all throughout the Book that God wrote for her.

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