When storms come

Originally published Sunday, 13 July 2014.

For the Eternal will be a shelter for those who know misery, a refuge during troubling times. Those who know Your name will rely on You, for You, O Eternal One, have not abandoned those who search for You. Psalm 9:9-10 (VOICE)

My parents have a big, black dog. He is large and scary looking. 

His name is Melchezidek but he answers to Mel.

Anytime a storm rumbles in the distance Mel puts his tail between his legs and searches for a safe place. 

Funnily enough his safe place is not a location but a person. In Mel’s mind he safest place he can be is shivering against my father’s leg. 

My dad has an endless amount of patience for his giant dog. My father has been known to sit up late into the night riding out a storm with Mel. 

When I read Psalm 9:9-10 I think of my dad sitting with Mel while the thunder shouts down the rain and the lightening wars with the stars. 

For me, this image of my dad huddled with Mel is how I imagine God shelters me in my times of misery. If my dad would go to such lengths to provide a safe place for a dog, how much more would God do for me? 

It reminds me that I can rely on God to be my safe place in the storm.

It reminds that God sits with me through out my longest, loneliest nights. 

It reminds me that when I am afraid God will not abandon me. 

Ponder: Where do you go when you want to feel safe?

Pray: Lord, thank you that I can rely on you. (tweet this)

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