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Originally published Sunday, 29 June 2014.

It's the end of June already so I thought I’d share the three most read devotionals so far this year. 

As a bonus I’ve also included the three guest posts that have received the most shares in last five months. 

If you think I missed one, or if you’d like to share the most read post in the last six months on your blog, leave a note in the comments.

The Top 3

Letting things go and learning to forgive (or the story of forgiving my father and mother)

I don’t want to write this post, but I have to, because sometimes it’s the things that are hardest to write that others most need to hear.

I’ve always known that my parents love me and only want the best for me. Which is why I never thought I'd have to forgive them for disagreeing on who I should marry.

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What if Jesus called us to be imperfect?


I’ve wondered at the scripture in Matthew 5:48 that says, “Be perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.” It seems impossible. And sometimes it feels like unnecessary pressure. 

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When you’re wondering if God can really see the future (& a free printable for the days when you think he can’t) 

I look at my husband who is driving and wonder how he sees the road ahead. I am tempted to tell him to pull over. There is no way he can see where we are going. I try to focus out his side of the window... 

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Guest posts you loved:

Mary DeMuth: When you have to forgive someone you hate

I have had enemies. Two enemies in particular were hard for me to forgive because for many years, I hated them. HATED them. They were two teenage brothers who violated me for several months during my kindergarten year. I tried to protect myself, but I could not. I told my babysitter, but she chose to let those boys continue to rape me. (She was an enemy too).  

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Dabney Hedegard: The One Thing I Wish I Believed Sooner

I’m about to share something that can transform your thoughts, something more powerful than disease itself.

At 25-years old and six-weeks-pregnant, a football sized tumor blanketed my lungs. 

Life changed with one x-ray and an oncologist telling me my odds would improve by terminating my pregnancy.

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Kelli McIntosh: How to find contentment in difficult circumstances

A few years ago, I never imagined I would get to this point; I never thought it possible. 

I was angry that the life I had planned was not turning out the way I thought it would (thinking of a future in which one of my children would need my help into adulthood). 

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