What To Do When Life Doesn’t Go To Plan

Originally published Friday, 30 November 2012.

In January, my husband and I had a plan for the year.

We were going to learn French, maybe visit Paris.

We were going to refurbish the house we’d bought a month or two before: strip and paint and make it look like something out of a magazine. 

But life doesn’t always go to plan.

By February, my husband had been diagnosed with cancer. 

And all our plans for the year didn’t matter much anymore. 

It happens all the time our plans being ruined in one way or another. It’s not always big things like cancer often it’s small things like a friend cancelling coffee or a child falling sick but it’s a fact of life that it doesn’t always go to plan.

Here are 3 things I’ve found helped me when my plans are thrown out of whack:

1. Remember that even when nothing seems to be going the way you want God knew the plan the whole time.

2. Pray. I find just telling God how you feel disappointed and angry and hurt can make a difference to how I approach the change of plans. But you can’t stay stuck in the hurt, have a moan, and then ask God to show you where he is in the new plans and what he wants you to do.

3. Be Kind. When nothing is going the way you thought it would it is easy to be short with people or only think of yourself. So take a breath and think about how kind word or action will change the situation. Then do that.

I’d love you to share in the comments what you do when your plans are ruined.

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