For anyone who is scared of the future

Originally published Sunday, 22 December 2013.

God, listen to me shout, bend an ear to my prayer. When I’m far from anywhere, down to my last gasp, I call out, “Guide me up High Rock Mountain!” Psalm 61:2 (MSG)

I don’t like not knowing what is ahead of me.

I realised this while driving this morning. 

A delivery truck pulled in front of me and then braked. 

The lane I was in stopped moving and I didn’t know why. 

It frustrated me so much. I sat and watched other cars pass me and all I could do was sit and wait for my lane to move. I didn’t know what was holding me up and I couldn’t see past the delivery truck in front of me.

I felt myself getting anxious.

Then I wondered if maybe I was anxious about more than not being able to see what was causing the delay in the traffic.

I start a new job tomorrow. And a few months after that my husband and are planning to move continents. There is a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment. 

I don’t like not knowing what is ahead of me. 

I like certainty and control. 

In the last few years with my husband’s cancer diagnosis I have had very little of these things.

In fact the one constant in all of this was my job. Now that is changing too and I find myself identifying the phrase in Psalm 61:2 about my heart being overwhelmed.

I remember the prayer David utters right after that, 

“Lord, guide me!” 

I start praying it. Praying it as I drive behind a big delivery truck. 

Lord, guide me.

Praying it as I pick up a few things I need before my new job.

Lord, guide me. (tweet this)

And I’ll be praying it tomorrow as I walk into a new job not knowing what is ahead of me. 

Lord, guide me.

I may not know what the future holds but I do know the one who holds the future. And for now, that is enough. (tweet this)

Ponder: What things are you worried about the future? Have you reached the point where you are ready to pray, “Lord, guide me!”?

Prayer: Lord, guide me.

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