A prayer for those who long for more of God

Originally published Sunday, 01 May 2016.


We desire more time. We desire more stuff. We desire more money. 

But so rarely do we desire more of you.

We are afraid of not having a home, of not having clothes, of not having a job.

But have we ever been afraid of not having you?

You promised you would never leave us or forsake us and we’ve hung onto that just as you’ve hung on to us.

And sometimes we confess that we’ve let that promise be an excuse for not seeking more of you.

We confess our worry that we will have enough. 

We confess our longing to have more.

We cannot comprehend a life without you, yet we so rarely invite you spend more time in our lives.

We don’t just want enough of you in our lives. We want you in all of our life.

We want you in the nooks and crannies and hidden places.

We want you out in the open, like the clothes we wear, on display for all to see.

When we look for more elsewhere, remind us to turn to you instead.

We know we don’t have much to offer. We are like the widow in the bible who could only bring empty jars. We also know that you’re a God who longs to fill empty vessels and give more than we ask for.

Jesus, we want more of you in our lives.

Thank you that more of you won’t mean less of us.

Thank you that the more of you we encounter, the more we can live fully loved, believing that we are enough.

Thank you that more of you will help us to embrace the ups and downs, believing that you have come to give us life, life and more life.

Come, Lord Jesus, come.

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