Lean On

Originally published Tuesday, 12 August 2014.

LEAN ON... He whispered into my heart.

I was not planning on writing this post. I don't love sharing my vulnerabilities...who does, really? Yes, my goal in ministry is to be real and raw and relevant. For some reason this feels beyond raw. It feels raw because in the broad spectrum of life, my issue is not earth shaking, life threatening or really that big of a deal. But, it is real to me. Last Friday on The List post I alluded to some health stuff going on. This Friday I'm having some minor surgery. I'm balancing feelings of gratefulness (for I have great health in general, praise Him) and fear (I don't love being physically uncomfortable...I'm kind of a wimp...) I'm also balancing something even harder. This is something that I know if I am open to, I will walk away from this season of life with a better grip on how to...


I'm counting on allowing God to work on my pride as I LEAN ON.

I'm counting on experiencing His strength in a new way as I LEAN ON.

I'm counting on finding even firm footing in life as I LEAN ON because I know this will not be the last time I'm ever in a place of needing Him, needing others.

During this season of health issues I realize that I don't ask for help well. I think it is because I so love to give help not receive it. In my mind, asking for help means I am weak. Asking for help means I don't have what it takes at the moment. This is uncomfortable for me.

As I typed that last bit I recognized the over use of the words "I" and "Me."

The Great I AM (God Almighty) shows me that when I LEAN ON Him in weakness, I have the privilege of experiencing His strength and greatness. This is good for the soul. From the depths of our being to the outward physical extremities, we were created to rely on and experience His greatness. We were created to LEAN ON because when we do, we put aside that soul ravaging pride which depletes and deprives.

I don't want to live depleted and deprived in the depths of my soul, do you?

Let us live in the mindset and with the heart condition that we need to LEAN ON. Let us soften the rough edges of our heart that keeps the Great I AM at arms length for fear that He will not come through. It takes faith to LEAN ON, yes.  The alternative is to never experience the release which over takes when when we LEAN ON. The release of pride, the release of grasping and striving on our own is tiring on our soul and even our bodies.

Today I am trusting that He carries me in His strong arms with loving care. I am trusting and I will LEAN ON because the Great I AM says...

Be strong and brave, and don’t tremble in fear of them, because the Eternal your God is going with you. He’ll never fail you or abandon you! (Deuteronomy 31:6 THE VOICE)



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