How I Sit Still in Prayer

Originally published Thursday, 23 January 2014.

A list runs through my mind as I pray. Things weighing heaving on my heart. Things I'm unsure about and need direction. Things I need. Things I think I need, but really just want. Things I'm hoping for friends and family. Things I need forgiveness. It is quite busy in my head as I take a deep breath and talk to my King.

I talk so much in many areas of my life, why should that be different with my prayer conversations?

The busy-ness in my head is quite exhausting and drowns out what I really need, what my heart longs for.

To hear from God.

To sit still in His presence.

To breath in what He hands us as God-breathed...Scripture.

Quiet the noise. Replace it with all out praise in prayer.

At risk of sounding methodical or scientific, a rule of thumb is how I've quieted the noise and approached my sweet conversations with Jesus. Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Whoever came up with this (I really should do some research on the background!) is genius. Most often attributed to the business world, what would happen if...

80% of our prayer conversations were all out worship...

20% of our prayer conversations were requests and pleas?

Another way to look at this: the majority of our time in prayer spent in praise and adoration and thanksgiving. We sit, maybe even kneel?, in a posture where our heart is less focused on our need and more on God's goodness. Then...something changes in us...

Oh yes, the Lord loves it, even commands us to bring everything into prayer (Philippians 4:6) but when our priority is praise and worship of the One who sees all of our needs, we begin to look at our requests through a different lens. Our perspective rearranges more in line with His heart and His Kingdom.


My wants are less material and all I want is what God wants for me.

My requests are less dire as I embrace the TRUTH that He knows, He is never surprised and He's got it covered.

My heart aches are covered with the balm of worship as God brings me into His fold.

80% of my life is all about Jesus...that 20% slides less and less until I make Him famous.

He must become greater...I must become less. (John 3:30)

For when He becomes greater, I see myself elevated into His presence, His plans, His agenda. I find dignity in the lesser for His greatness shines upon me and through me. When Jesus becomes greater, that dark space in my heart which yearns for something more, illuminates with joy, hope, trust. I spill that out when I become less and He becomes greater.

We were made to make much of Jesus. We are wired for it, yet the disconnect comes when we fight that innate quality. Discontentment, distrust, displacement... when our focus is on the lesser (myself) and not the Great God.

Let this be the heart cry of our prayer today...

God is the source of our blessings, may every corner of the earth respect and revere Him. {Psalm 67:7 The Voice}

Let us seek the blessing GIVER...not solely His blessings...

How does this change your view or approach to prayer?

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