Advent 2013: Awe and Wonder Day 4

Originally published Wednesday, 04 December 2013.

Today we are going to take a stroll into the Old Testament and compare some interesting connections with the New Testament. The story of our Bible in it's entirety is something each of us need to practice often––taking, soaking and learning from both the Old Testament and the New Testament. For, the Old Testament foretells the joyous news of our coming Savior which we see in the Gospels. Every single word in the Old Testament scriptures points to Jesus. Not one iota is sluff or extra or extraneous to our reading as the Bible in it's whole. Though some may see the Old Testament as well...old and irrelevant, it is far from that. We see the full picture of just why our King came to this earth with in the pages of each chapter.


Today's Advent Reading from THE VOICE: Psalm 2:7

I am telling all of you the truth. I have heard the Eternal’s decree. He said clearly to me, “You are My son. Today I have become your Father. (Psalm 2:7)

Digging into the lineage of Jesus we see that the Shepherd King of Israel, David, plays a key roll in the prophesy rolled out with in Old Testament Scriptures which lead us to the coming of Messiah--Jesus. In this Psalm we read the glorious decree from on high where God proclaims Jesus as His SON. It is through King David that the proclamation, the prophesy is carried out. Today, join me in coupling a few Scriptures as we take a peek into the intimate relationship between Father and Son.

Let us quiet our heart to recognize the divine. We might even feel as if we are looking on from the watching a private exchange. This exchange feels other worldly to our earthly eyes––so pure and magnificent that it is difficult to wrap our mind around. When we pair the passage from Psalm 2 (see above) with these two Scriptures (see below) , we see further into the divine exchange in the pages of the New Testament. This serves to remind me that God never changes. His word is firm. He doesn't say one thing on one hand and many many centuries later (in the New Testament) change His mind.

For no heavenly messengers have ever heard God address them with these words of the psalms:

You are My Son. Today I have become Your Father.

Or heard Him promise,
I will be to You a Father, and You will be My Son. (Hebrews 1:5 THE VOICE)

This passage echos Psalm 2 of our Advent reading. I can hear the sweet and proud tone of the Father affirm the Kingship of His son in the Gospel of Mark as Jesus emerges from baptismal waters...

But as Jesus was coming out of the waters, He looked up and saw the sky split open. The Spirit of God descended upon Him like a dove,  and a voice echoed in the heavens. Voice: You are My Son, My beloved One, and I am very pleased with You. (Mark 1:10-11 THE VOICE)

Yes, in all of these Words we get a peek, a glimpse into the intricate, loving, glorious nature between the Father and Son. Part of me feels a bit jealous though. A thought runs through my mind and across my heart as I yearn for this same intimacy with my Heavenly Father––to be His daughter with which He is pleased.

Alas...this is the Awe and Wonder of Advent.

The Christmas story, the Advent points straight to the cross. Just as no words go with out purpose in the Old Testament, this Advent points straight to the cross. The coming of our Savior so that we too may join in on the divine, intimate relationship. Father to Son exchange...Father to Daughter exchange. Let us not forget. Let us not feel jealous of the peek behind the veil we just glimpsed with Psalm 2, Hebrews 1 and Mark 1. You and I are the reason for Advent and thus the cross because God desires us to take part in the divine exchange. A divine intimacy. The veil pulled back to reveal our role.

Our role in Advent: To take our place as sons and daughters of the Most High and not let a day go by where our life does not point straight to His glory.


~What thoughts go through your mind when you think about God and His consistent word? Does it interest you that the Old Testament and the New Testament go hand and hand, even when there are centuries of time between them? Our God never changes His mind!

~Along with the theme of consistency. This Advent, with the whirling and swirling of busy-ness around us, how does knowing that God is unchanging effect how you will approach the season?

~Take some time exploring your role this Advent: to take your place as son or daughter of the Most High and point to God's glory everyday. How does the idea that you have an important role in Advent change your perspective?

Awe and Wonder:

We find great awe and wonder in this divine, intimate exchange between Holy Father and Son--God and Jesus. But the even greater awe and wonder is that there is not one bit of exclusivity in the divine relationship. All are welcome. The seemingly familiar Bible verse of John 3:16 which reminds us that in the coming of our Jesus that Christmas 2,000 years ago, God had each and everyone of us in mind. Who is it in your life that needs to know she is a daughter in this divine relationship? Who is it that needs to know that he is loved and accepted as a son of the Most High God? Will you commit to praying for them everyday this Advent full of Awe and Wonder?

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