Above All Else Day 2: When Our Praise Never Ceases

Originally published Tuesday, 09 September 2014.


Thank you for joining in on the feast today. Might I be honest with you? Today I would rather host my own little pity party and throw the covers over my head and listen to the raindrops out my window. I'm just not feeling it today. Bleh!

Am I'm being way too honest for someone who is sets out to encourage and invite you along in this feast of joyful worship? Am I divulging too much and deterring you in your own feast of lifting up the name of Jesus? Maybe I am...but maybe I am not. One thing I do know is that the "I'm just not feeling it today" is certainly not unique to me and my rainy day blah mood. You've been there too, right? Oh I know you have. That is why I choose vulnerability today.

I really know no other way to make Jesus famous than out of vulnerability...authenticity.

Today we will press in whether or not we are "feelin' it."

Today we will pour out our worship as a sacrifice of praise.

Today we will pour forth out of boldness knowing that our emotional state of being has no effect what so ever on the God of the Universe and what is due His name---praise!

***Please know that it is not my intent to bring anyone down in this feast today on God's goodness.  If you are passionately praising Him today with a heart full of JOY, I am clapping right now along with you. Oh He is faithful!

Press In

Join me in the verses of Psalm 145. Each day we will tack on another verse so be sure to read verse 1&2.

My praise will never cease—
I will praise You every day;
I will lift up Your name forever. (Psalm 145:2)

My pressing in today is a means of pressing forward regardless of emotional circumstances. Will you press in today to praise Him and NEVER CEASE in your worship? Will you press through any temptation to shut the door and neglect to dig into the root cause of distractions? Most importantly, will you press in and open wide your heart and mind to allow Jesus to reveal and root out road blocks on your journey to make Him famous?

Pour Out

Lord, our praise will never cease. We declare that today over our lives and by the power of your Spirit. Jesus, open wide the gates we've shut around our hearts that hold in and hold back a gushing feast on your fame. Today, we will not allow feelings, emotions, circumstances, to entice us to cease an all out life of praise toward You.

~What is your emotional state right now? Be honest. If we don't evaluate, those emotions threaten our joy for the day.

Pour Forth

You are WORTHY, Lord!

~Tell Him why He is worthy.

~List ways about His nature that bring a smile to your face and flutters your heart beat.

Oh how I am sensitive to those who really don't know where to start. I get it. Where to start? Ask Him straight up: Give me a heart for YOU. Show me your Glory! Open my eyes. I'm ready to make much of You! Amen!

As I'm directing all of these prompts and praises and declarations toward my personal worship a fog has cleared away. Today reminds me that our habit of feasting and praising and worship must not be dictated by the wavering of our human-ness and bent toward emotions. No, we feast and we praise and we worship because we know deep down that is how He created us. We know in our depths that there is joy and peace and gladness to behold when we press past our human habit of self-focus.

Let us not allow our praise and feasting on Him to cease!


I'm so honored that you've chosen to join me in Above All Else 21 Day Feast. If you would like to read more about Psalm 145 and how to cultivate a life of praise, be sure to download the Just RISE UP! sample chapter. Click HERE to download!