Above All Else Day 17: The High Way

Originally published Wednesday, 24 September 2014.

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Jumping in feet first. That is the best way to describe my attitude and actions before God started reigning me in and telling me to keep my head down. You see, it is in my nature to forge my own path. When I get a "great" idea, I'm all in. But, as I've splashed in the pool making a mess with water all around me, God is faithful anyway. He grabs my hand, pulls me out, wraps a towel around me and says, sit...child. Sit still for my ways are higher. I own the high way, the best paths. 

The past few years the Lord in His sweet, high way leads me down paths where I am challenged to quietly grip His hand and take one step at a time. Feet first with big splashes is not my motive any longer. For, those big splashes only serve to cause noise in my life; distract from His grace and Higher way. So, I look to God's most right path in expectation that road will lead to more gratifying kingdom success.

Press In, Pour Out, Pour Forth

The Eternal is right in all His ways, and He is kind in all His acts. (Psalm 145:17)

If we were to search a handful of Bible translations we would see a few different words in place of kind. We would take in the words holy and gracious to describe our Lord and all of His acts and works. Oh in His ultimate purpose for the universe, our God takes us into account. He is kind in how He deals with us though we are not deserving. He is gracious to pour out blessings and pour out Himself (Jesus!) for us though we nailed Him to the cross. He is ever holy and righteous. Period.

Lord! Even when the road ahead is foggy and uncertain...we praise Your high way.

Lord! We take your hand daily walk in in the Your footsteps, Your gracious and trustworthy footsteps.

Lord! We slow down, even sit down on this journey when tempted to chase ahead of Your timing.

Lord! As we journey on your High way, let us see more and more and more of Your goodness...and we will make much of You along the way.


Will your feast today lead you to choose His high way? Go for it...God is good.