A Short And Sweet Check List

Originally published Tuesday, 11 June 2013.

If you have been reading my stuff for even a short amount of time you will know that I love it when God gives me His wisdom in a form of a check list. Not that I try to "check the box" and just move on with life. But, I love it when there are clear cut Biblical Truths with in Scripture that I can simply list out, soak in and LIVE OUT! in my day. So for today, I thought I share this check list with you out of 1 Thessalonians in hopes that it speaks to you, that you will make your own list and LIVE IT OUT! today.

~Rejoice always: When mornings roll around and I just don't want to do what I must do because I'm a "big girl" and have responsibilities, this reminds me I should REJOICE anyway. I must look for reasons to rejoice as the blessings are plenty if I open my heart to see them. Let us worship our King with songs. Let us rejoice with a "God is Good All The Time" kind of attitude. Let us tell others. When we actively rejoice we realize the good things in our life out way the bad and we have a GREAT GOD to praise for that.

~Pray without ceasing: When I think I know it all, I must remember I really don't! Oh how I am so much more effective at life when I ask God first.

~Give thanks in all circumstances; Who doesn't love to hear Thank You? God does! Just as the rejoicing and praising sets our heart and mind in the right place, so does a heart filled with gratitude after we recount all of the wonders of who God is in our life. Let us say thank you for the material blessings and then take the thanksgiving to the NEXT LEVEL. May we go about our day thanking God for His goodness, His mercy, His love, His faithfulness, His glory, His majesty, His forgiveness, His graciousness.

for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.  {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18}

This short and sweet check list is jam packed with Truth that changes our perspectives and transforms how we go about the life that our God so graciously gives. Will you check your list TODAY?

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