What is Your BIG DREAM?

Originally published Tuesday, 12 August 2014.

What is your BIG DREAM?

That is the question I asked at my Dream Devotional Book Launch this past weekend. For some of my friends, that question was easy and for others -- it was very difficult.

Either way, that canvas is now hanging in my office -- and I can't wait to see how God fulfills the big dreams written down by my friends and family including me.

Every time I am in my office I now have the pleasure of lifting up prayers to God that He will answer our BIG DREAMS! Today, I am honored to share about my BIG DREAM of having a baby on Godsizeddreams.com and giveaway a signed copy of Dream Devotional.

It takes bold courage to dream big. Questions like “What if the dream doesn’t go as planned?” or “What if I fail?” threaten to stop me before I begin...[read the rest of my post here.]