Free Scripture Index on Forgiveness

Originally published Thursday, 13 June 2013.

Ever wondered how many Bible verses on forgiveness there are?

The Bible is full of stories that show you just what real forgiveness looks like and teach you how to forgive those who have wronged you—even if that person is yourself.

You can pre order a copy of my new book Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me to read them all in context, however I have listed them below if you wish to look them up yourselves. I'm so grateful to my publisher for putting together a free eBook or PDF download for you to read through.

Do not be afraid to find each verse in your Bible and mark it up. Maybe God will say something new to you through Scripture on forgiveness.

And remember: Do not fear. God has your back and He will help you journey through the valley of unforgiveness up to the mountaintop of peace.


Genesis 15:2; 17:18; 37:28; 39:2-6; 39:20-23; 4:7; 40:6; 40:23; 45:5; 50:20

Numbers 32:5

Deuteronomy 8:5

Joshua 7

1 Samuel  1:11; 15:10-25

2 Samuel  12:1-13

1 Kings  18:21; 19

2 Kings 13

Job  1:21-22; 2:9; 2:13; 30:27; 38:2; 40:4; 42:1-5; 42:6; 42:7

Psalms  4:4; 17:6; 23:4; 25:3; 28:7; 40:2; 46:10; 51:4; 56:1; 66:18-20; 103:12; 119:67, 71; 139:23

Download the entire set Bible Verses on forgiveness from my new book Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me here.

This month, I look forward to sharing stories on the power of forgiving others on my blog. I am also speaking on forgiveness and the church for the next Quarter Life Conference on June 20th. You can sign up for the free conference here.

Forgiving Others Forgiving Me Endorsements

"Renee Fisher wants you to know that forgiving those who have caused you pain is the most Christ-like decision you will ever make, and the one most likely to set you free from your past, and heal your damaged emotions. Dr. Neil T. Anderson, Founder and President Emeritus of Freedom in Christ Ministries." -  Dr. Neil T Anderson
"Forgiveness is one of God's most power healing process. When we fail to forgive we Are  in bondage to our past. Forging Others, Forgiving Me can be a liberating read." - Josh McDowell
"Renee Fisher graciously shares how to find and extend forgiveness to others including yourself. Use this book to help you find your second (or seventy-seventh) chance." - Mike Foster
“We’re so proud of Renee, a Christian Writers Guild alum who is using her skills to tell her story to advance the kingdom.” - Jerry B. Jenkins
"Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me is like cleaning the clutter out of the closet of your heart. With candidness and hope, Renee encourages each of us to take a look at what needs to be dusted off and given away. Given to whom? Given to God who honors our transparency with Him and works whatever weighs us down into the fabric of our lives with a fresh start. - Marcia Ramsland
"Renee Fisher has written a powerful book on the most important issue every human being wrestles with in Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me. Mined from her own personal experiences, her exuberant personality and fresh approach overflows each page. This book is liberating! - Ray Bentley
"With a strong voice that doesn't shy away from the hard questions, Renee Fisher writes with wisdom about some of the best and hardest ways we experience God's grace. In Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me, you can expect to be comforted by Fisher's honesty while challenged by her insightful teaching on applying God's word in our lives. The best part about the book is Fisher's own testimony of believing and living out God's word. She makes me want to seek and be changed by God--and nothing is more encouraging than that." - Nicole Unice
"The Devotional Diva does it again. Deeply rooted in God's word and grace, Renee Fisher's Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me, is heartfully written and will bring hope to the hearts of many. I encourage all who may be trapped by un-forgiveness, to have the courage to open these pages and explore the truth that will set you free." - Crystal Renaud
"In Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me, Renee Fisher not only encourages readers to take on the task of forgiveness but challenges readers to dig into Scripture to find true forgivenss. I love that Renee doesn't just discuss the topic of forgiving others. For so many people, the idea of forgiving themselves keeps them from accepting the utmost forgiveness of Jesus. With a topic that touches everyone's lives (whether or not we like to admit it), Renee will be a cheerleader and mentor in the journey of forgiveness and a more fulfilling Christian walk." - Sarah Francis Martin
"Infused with solid biblical truth and gut-real stories, author Renee Fisher helps us all find the forgiveness that seems so elusive in this vengeance-filled society. Oh the beauty of letting go of bitterness!" - Mary DeMuth
"I have taught on forgiveness, reconciliation and redemption for over 30 years and it continues to be one of the most challenging topics for people to deal with. Renee Fisher in this helpful and interactive book helps the reader process the hurt, pain, confusion and tangled web of relationship issues and discover God’s truth and a path to forgiving themselves and others so everyone can move forward in freedom.” – Pam Farrel
"Renee Fisher understands the issue of forgiveness cannot be resolved with superficial platitudes. Her transparency in sharing her own story gives credence to the hope she offers for those shackled by chains of unforgiveness. The discussion questions and journaling space at the end of each chapter ensure that Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me will not be merely an intellectual exercise, but a journey of heart and soul that will free readers to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives." - Ava Pennington
"What a joy it has been to watch Renee Fisher grow and mature as a young woman and a writer. I first met her when she attended our writers conferences as an enthusiastic young writer. Then she landed her first book contract and was soon teaching others. In her newest effort, Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me, she demonstrates maturity, vulnerability, and insight in taking on a difficult subject. At one point she says, 'You can’t just treat the symptoms—you have to get to the source.' Renee gets right to the source of learning to forgive in a powerful way that takes the reader on a journey of confronting and loving oneself, those around us, and most importantly, God. Inspirational, practical, and so very helpful!" - Jennie Gillespie
"Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me is a deeply personal book that takes readers on a journey that leads into their own heart--and self-doubts. Rather than focusing on your painful past, however, Renee Fisher invites you to confront and conquer the deeply-rooted emotions that draw you farther from the Lord. The journaling section at the end of each chapter ensures that the reader search within her own self, rather than breezing through the book only hearing the stories of the author. Forgiveness is much easier to talk about than it is to put into place, but Renee will remind you that it is all worthwhile as you find reconciliation in the unconditional grace of Jesus." - Lisa Copen
"God continually gives a gift in the form of forgiveness, but it's easy to become stuck in shame from past mistakes and stuck in resentment from past wounds. In Forgiving Others, Forgiving Me you will be implicated in this struggle of allowing God's forgiveness to shape your life. Grab this book and take on the life-altering challenge of forgiving others and yourself." - Tyler Braun
"Forgiveness is an extremely difficult thing to do, but Renee successfully uses Scripture and real life stories to demonstrate both why forgiveness is necessary and how it can be accomplished. Readers will also have opportunities to reflect on their own brokenness and broken relationships  through Renee's creative journaling prompts." - Lisa Velthouse