4 Tips for Dreamers to Craft a Missions Statement

Originally published Wednesday, 03 August 2016.

Today I'm launching Dream Calling Course & Retreat at The Declare Conference, and I couldn't be more excited! Join me in calling your dreams to life!

Dream Calling: 30 Days to Writing Your Dreams is a 30-day course designed to help you discover your purpose and calling, develop a path, and declare your dreams to the world.

Each session will consists of:

  • a podcast
  • a prompt (or two)
  • a downloadable (or two)
  • a resource (or two) to dream bigger

What's in the course?

Work through all sessions in 30 days or take as much time as you need. Starting whenever you begin, you will learn:

Days 1-10: Discover Your Purpose and Calling

1. Welcome & How to Write Your Dreams

2. 7 Tips for Dreaming Big

3. Dreaming is Just the Beginning

4. Your Dreams Are "Approved" by God

5. Who is Your Dream Defender?

6. It's Okay to Dream Scared

7. Calling Dreams to Rest #1

8. What Type of a Dreamer Are You?

9. 3 Kinds of (Dream) Callings

10. Dreaming Together is Important

Days 11-20: Develop a Path

11. Dreaming Belongs to God

12. How to Dream Up

13. 4 Tips for Dreamers to Craft a Missions Statement

14. Calling Dreams to Rest #2

15. Don’t Quit Your Day Dream

16. 10 Tips to Dream Forward

17. Does God Care About My Forgotten or Dead Dreams?

18. Dream Me to Life

19. Hurt Dreamers Hurt Others

20. When in Doubt Dream it Out!

Days 21-30: Declare Your Dreams to the World

21. Calling Dreams to Rest #3

22. 5 Steps to Start Writing Business 23.

23 Self Care Tips for the Self Employed

24. How to Create a Fear Toolkit

25. 7 Traits of a Dreamer

26. 10 Self-Publishing Tips for Dreamers

27. Pros & Cons of Traditional vs. Self Publishing

28. Calling Dreams to Rest #4

29. 8 tips on How to Write & Publish an eBook

30. Don’t Stop Dreaming

Included in the 3-part course, you'll also receive:

  1. 26 Dream Coaching podcast sessions with your new Dream Coach Renee (that's me)!
  2. 30 Downloads and 8 printables to document your dream calling process.
  3. Facebook Live videos in a private Facebook community for all the dreamers.
  4. Expert guidance to writing your dreams with a plan that that works best for you.
  5. Discounts towards one on one dream coaching with Renee.

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Here is a preview from Dream Calling: 4 Tips for Dreamers to Craft a Missions Statement

The closer we get to seeing God fulfill the dreams He's placed in our heart—the more we need to stay on mission. As you are growing into your dreams, memorize this verse below. When I started seriously pursuing my dreams of getting my first book traditionally published in 2007, I wrote it down and hung it on my wall for years. I hope it helps:

"Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you. Mark out a straight path for your feet; stay on the safe path. Don’t get sidetracked; keep your feet from following evil" (Proverbs 4:25-27, NLT).

Another quote that really impacted me recently said, "you can only lead others where you yourself are prepared to go (or have already been)." And I love this quote from Georgia Shaffer. She says, "As we realize our dreams, we never stop growing." According to Andy & Janine Mason, there are two price tags to staying on mission with your dream.

  1. What it costs you personally
  2. What it costs others if you don't listen and obey what the Lord is telling you to do!

It's important to realize that our God-sized calling is not just for us, but for the welfare of others. This is just a few of many reasons why it's important to stay on mission. Listen to today's podcast, and read the prompt below to craft your own missions statement!!

Day 13 Podcast:

Click here to listen to today's podcast or listen below:

Day 13 Prompts:

As a Dream Coach, it is my honor to help clients pursue their dreams. Crafting a missions statement is one of the most important tools for a dreamer. I wrote my first missions statement in 2004 when I discovered that God did not want me to become a high school math teacher, but a writer instead. This simple statement helped me stay the course when I thought it was nearly impossible. It also helped me when I gave up, and when I came back to it years later. I wrote my second missions statement last year with the help of an exercise I learned from Light University where I got my Advanced Certificate for Christian Life Coaching.

Please use this exercise to craft your own missions statement. Please read the 4 tips for Dreamers to Craft a Missions Statement or print the exercise below (under Day 13 Downloads):

  1. One-three sentences maximum. (Succinct and Concise)
  2. Includes your goals, skills, or values
  3. Adjectives that convey you are unique!
  4. The what and why (What makes you unique and why?)

After crafting your missions statement, I encourage you to go one step further. Print and frame your missions statement, and place it by your bed, desk, or in your office. If you're not good at graphic design, try using Canva or hiring a graphic designer.

Day 13 Downloads:

  • Click here to download the 4 Tips for Dreamers to Craft a Missions Statement printable.

Day 13 Discussion:

Have you ever written a missions statement before? Perhaps today's prompt is something you've been wanting to do for a while, but just haven't known how. When you register for the course, you will gain access to the private Facebook group where you can share your missions statement with likeminded dreamers, or if you're still unsure of what to write—read some missions statements from the group until you have a better idea of what to write for yours.

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