Expecting God to Run Alongside You?

Originally published Friday, 06 January 2017.


Christmas is over and the new year is here. I’m thinking that things will slow down a bit. Then again, I think that every year. Do you? 

And every year, there isn’t much of a slowdown period.

 I’m convinced that if I want things to truly slow down that it’s up to me. That might be in the form of making sacrifices, saying the word “no” for a change, and setting aside time for that which is truly worthy of my time. Frankly, I’m in need of a spiritual tune-up.

I’ve just simply been too busy with trying to make things happen in my life lately to even hear what He would have me do to make those things happen.

Maybe that’s how things will change for me this coming year–among other things, like getting back to exercising, laughing more, and losing these holiday pounds.

I suppose it could be viewed as a New Year’s resolution–to slow down, I mean. Whatever it’s called it simply has to happen.

Even those who spend time with The Lord and study The Word each and every day can have trouble “hearing” from God. So how much more difficult is it to learn His will for us and heed His warnings if we’re uber-distracted and moving a mile a minute?

I can remember a time when I was complaining to God because He wouldn’t reveal His plan for me and my life.

I was frustrated because I wanted to know Him on a deeper level. However, I was so busy and rushed that I wouldn’t have heard Him speak to my spirit anyway. These past few months I’ve allowed this to happen all over again!Spiritual Tune-Up --Are you expecting God to run alongside you? Time for a Spiritual Tune-Up!

I’m reminded of a funny (and true) story I once heard:

The teenage daughter kept bugging her dad to change the oil in her car. Months went by with no such oil change.

Many, many miles and lots of reminders later, she finally expressed her irritation about the situation.

Her father replied with great restraint and patience, “Well, I can’t run alongside the car. Hold it still for a few minutes, and I’ll change the oil.”

Don’t know about you, friend, but I sure do need to hold still long enough for a bit of spiritual maintenance, a little TLC. And maybe have a few things tweaked or even completely overhauled (like my perspective?). I’m in need of a spiritual tune-up!

No more expecting God to run alongside me–

well, I am human. So before long, there’s a good chance I’ll get all caught up in life and forget. Thank God for His mercy and His grace!

Be still, and know that I am God 

Psalm 46:10   

Even Christ had to occasionally stop what He was doing, pull away from the crowd, and get alone with God.  If Jesus Himself did this, how much more must we as mere mortals need to do this?

Could your inner workings need a little spiritual tune-up too?  You’ll have to slow down and even stop, though.

Are you willing?

Just like any modern day machine, when we’re all tuned up and have received His roadmap, will be purring like a kitten and on our way!

I’m going to challenge myself to slow down in my hustle this year.  I’m going to purposely set aside time to not only study His Word but to truly stop and listen. I’m vowing to maintain regularly-scheduled spiritual tune-ups!

To truly stop and meditate on what He would have me receive–hear what He wants for my life.

Call it a New Year’s resolution? Maybe. I hope it’ll be more of a New Life’s resolution.

The more I study His word, the more I believe that He actually longs to have communion with us, to guide and direct us, to bless us, and position us so that we’re victorious over the enemy. If only we’ll be still long enough.