Originally published Tuesday, 18 August 2015.

Humbled. Challenged. Impacted. Undone.

That’s what I felt as I watched my eldest child in his School Book Parade this week. An infinite number of choices. From Geronimo Stilton to the Cat in the Hat, Ninjas and Minecraft. My son, well he chose to go as Moses. His favourite person in the Bible. And so in amongst the Tintins and Hobbits, Pirates and Superheroes, was a happy boy dressed as his hero – Moses - Prince of Egypt. Holding a staff and carrying his Bible proudly. He loved telling other children who he was. Was he Jesus they asked? No, Moses and so he told them, in his class and at lunchtime, the story of Moses who parted the sea.

For my 8year old, sharing his faith is as natural to him as breathing. He wants his friends to know God. He is confident in sharing his faith. He sees a rainbow on the way home from school and so shares with his friend about Noah, an ark and the promise of God.

So yes I am challenged – I’m much more hesitant to make the most of opportunities to share my faith. Yet I remember at the same age as my son is now, a homework assignment on a favourite hero. And in amongst the myriad of options I had from Famous Kings and Queens to Explorers and Authors, I chose Jesus – King of Kings. I remember my mother helping me with the Cover Page and the drawing of a crown. And I remember the excitement and pride I had in my choice of hero.

May my son never lose his confidence in sharing his faith. May he continue to be brave. May he always be delighted in opportunities to share about God.

And may I be as brave and confident as my son - as brave as I once was.