A Firm or Flimsy Foundation

Originally published Monday, 11 January 2021.

Anything built on an unstable or decaying foundation will not stand. One example of a famous foundation failure is the  South Padre Island’s Ocean Tower in Texas. Ocean Tower was originally designed to be a 31-story building that housed high-end condominiums. However, construction of the tower couldn’t be completed because of foundation problems discovered in early 2008. The expansive soil beneath the tower began to compact, causing the building to sink and lean. Construction ceased and the building had to be demolished in 2009. (source - https://www.structuredfoundation.com/blog/extreme-example-of-foundation-failure/)

Another famous example is the Leaning Tower of Pisa; it leans because its foundation is unstable.

The word foundation comes from the Latin word fundatio or fundare, which means to lay a base for, confirm, or establish.

We witnessed a foundation failure earlier this week when the events at the Capitol took place. When we are swayed by personality, position, or power our foundation will crumble.

Many ardently believe that they have a strong foundation, but their actions indicate otherwise. In order to be sure you have a strong foundation rooted in the truth of God's word, take time to listen, discern, and obey. Be prayerful in your actions and seek God's will concerning you. Jesus Himself told us we will be known by the fruit of our actions by following His words and example.

Wherefore by their fruits, ye shall know them. Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock..(Matthew 7:20,24)

Too much is at stake when our foundation is unstable.

Is your foundation sure? How do you know your foundation is sure?

nylse-headshotNylse is a Christian wife and a mother of four who loves life and inspiring others. She likes to have fun but is very clear on who she is and Whose she is. A prolific thinker, she blogs to encourage others from a Christian perspective at www.lifenotesencouragement.com. She can be found online on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.