What to Know Before Making Waves

Originally published Saturday, 28 June 2014.

"One, two, three, JUMP!"  And he did it.  Right into the deep end from a platform over two feet above the water.  He had no fear, just pride.  And it was the first time his little five-year-old body had done it.  He had talked about being ready for a couple of weeks, but he had waited until I was at the swimming lesson along with his Daddy before doing it.

I was swelling with pride too.

As I watched my son learn to tread water with his instructor, and as I watched his head bob up and down as he worked so hard to cross the pool with concentration and joy, I remembered he hadn't always been that comfortable.  In fact, there had been much hesitation, some tears, and even some screams early on our path to this point.

Now he says swimming is one of his favorite activities.

Our son does not have to become a really good swimmer unless he wants to be one.  My husband and I believe swimming is an important life skill:  We simply don't want him to be afraid of the water, and we want him to be proficient.  We want him to be prepared for the times he wants to use this skill - or needs to use it.

We all know the dangers of drowning as parents.  We know it can happen in surprisingly little water.  Many of us also know that drowning often doesn't look like we'd expect.  I had thought I needed to be on the lookout for flailing arms splashing in the water and a scream for "Help!"  But I've learned that drowning is often a quiet, more peaceful looking experience, and one that we need to be ever vigilant watching for.

A friend of mine forwarded a must-read from a fellow mommy blogger recently.  This mommy blogger shares her story about another danger we need to be watchful for: secondary drowning.  If you're like me and it hasn't even been on your radar, take a minute to read this.  Click here to read her story entitled "Secondary Drowning + My Recent Experience & Real Life Almost Nightmare."  Thank you, Delighted Momma, for sharing your heart with us.

We worship a God who calms the flood waters (Psalm 89:9), and sometimes he uses our hands and wisdom to do it.  I wish everyone a happy and safe pool season!  Maybe I will even work on my cannonball too...

Do you have a pool safety tip or resource that you'd like to share?  Please comment below!

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{Photo by AnneCN at Flickr, Edited}