Small Talk: Review and GIVEAWAY

Originally published Wednesday, 22 April 2015.

Above: Amy Julia and Me

I want to introduce you to a seminary friend of mine, a friend who has gone on to write and touch thousands.  Amy Julia Becker is a regular blogger for Christianity Today on Thin Places, and an author who has now published five books.  But most importantly, she's a mom who wants faith to make a difference in her parenting.

Her newest book is entitled Small Talk: Learning from My Children about What Matters Most.  The title certainly intrigued me.  But AJ's story does too.  She is a mom to two girls and one boy - and her first daughter was unexpectedly born with Down Syndrome.  AJ has gone on to become an influential Christian voice on disability in our generation.

For those of you who are familiar with her writing, you know that she does not shy away from tough topics.  I appreciate how she tackles some pretty meaty theological issues in her book, but under the guise of ordinary mommy life.  From fights in her minivan to venting frustration by eating nachos and drinking wine (haha), AJ presents a very real glimpse into her family, and her insights on a variety of topics are a gift.

I love how children can give us snapshots of the holy through their unfiltered candor and innocence.  Sometimes things my boys have said have brought me to my knees, even as I hear their little voices muddle through a prayer.  I am reminded of how Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven belongs to children (Matt. 19:14).  After reading Small Talk, you will believe it.

Favorite chapters of mine include Rest, Disability, God, Spirit, and Laughter.  This week, you can win a free, signed copy of her book!  Register by clicking here.  The contest will end tomorrow at 12 pm EST on Thursday.  All entrants will receive an invitation to join my email listserv - just click on the link that will come in your email if you want to accept!  Be sure to visit my blog for some favorite book snippets I've shared exclusively there this week!

Above: Zondervan, 2014