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Because it Feels Real

Originally published Monday, 31 March 2014.

Tomorrow, Start Here is born.

It’s different than the first one. When She’s Got Issues released, I was giddy about it, just giddy. Excited to get it in the right hands and hoping that women would agree that they needed to know Jesus in a new way.

But this is so different.

This feels solid. It feels real in a different way because this is for everyone–everyone–who is seeking, questioning, journeying their way toward faith. This is for your sister that you hope will find Jesus. This is for your neighbor that you had that one conversation with about Jesus being the way, but it got a little hard and awkward so you started talking recipes again. This is for your friend that you think about when you worship, because they used to go to church with you when they were little but wandered away and haven’t made it back. This is for the Starbucks barista and your grandma and your friend’s friend. It’s for the people we meet at church after the service who wander forward and trip over their words because they are new to faith and they want to find their way. This is for the hundreds of people in your life who are feeling their way toward faith, and we hope this might be one thing that can help.

This feels real.

We’ve created a site that can help you find out more about the book, and share your own story. And if you read a little bit online and like it, would you consider sharing the book through social media and buying one this week? A lot of purchases in one week drives sales rankings, and sales rankings help little books get noticed, and little books getting noticed helps search engines and media outlets discover the book, and then those that we want to help get to the book.

I love sharing this little space with you guys. Thanks for celebrating with me as we launch this new project into the world!

Here’s the website link to share if you are the sharing type: http://StartHereBook.com