When You Miss God

Originally published Tuesday, 01 January 2013.


Its 3:38 a.m.

I stare at the clock and Something inside me whispers, “You should get up.” I toss, turn, and wrestle with my sleep deprived thoughts for another few minutes before I finally climb out of bed.

I walk downstairs, turn on the coffee pot and sit down in my white chair. Opening my journal I write these words… “God, I miss You.”

The reality is life has been moving at a warping speed lately. Work has been busy for both my husband and I, our 3 girls lives are full, and someone always needs something.

Truth is I would pay a lot of money for 28 hours in a day.

But mostly I’m seeing how “it” happens…

How people move far from God.

And I’ve seen how it’s not always intentional:

-The kids are sick so church is missed.  

-Carpool has to start earlier the next morning.

-Bodies need to be exercised.

-Meals must be prepared.

-Reports and projects have to be finished.

The list goes on and on of what can keep us from the closeness of God.

I understand these struggles all to well. And I’m finding there is a great danger in these stretched seasons of life.

We can miss being with God but through that, we also can also miss the movement God is doing in our lives. Missing God {either way} is tragic and threatening to our souls that long to thrive with God.

Recognizing how much I’ve missed God, I’m taking some time for reflection of this struggle. I’m burdened but also hopeful in the words God is breathing on my soul during these soul-stretching moments.

I share these things because maybe there’s just one other person as fearful as I am of unintentionally moving…too far from God.

3 things we can do to move closer to the heart of God

1.    Find our God-space.

Even if it means at 3:38 a.m.

I’ve discovered in this stretching season of life I have to be intentional with scheduling time with God. Finding the moments of white space where we can fully be with God is important. But, we must also find the God-space in the clouded, busy, stretching moments.

May we find our God-space…everywhere.

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you…” –James 48


2. Experience the awe of God.



The sunrise on the way home from the early morning workout or drive into the office…experience it. How the warm sun feels on our skin on a chilly day…experience it. Giggles from children, the way someone we love smiles, the praise of Gods people…experience it.

May these moments remind us what it’s like to be fully alive and connected to Something much bigger than ourselves.

“…stand in awe of God.” –Ecclesiastes 5:7


3.    Have ears that listen {always}.

The prompting in your heart to slow down, to breathe in the moment…listen to it. A nudge on your soul to say no when you really want to say yeslisten to it [or vice-versa.]

May we not want to just dream about the promises God has for our life, but want to live them by listening, always.

“So then faith comes by hearing…” –Romans 10:17


Above all, may today be the day each of us chooses steps closer to…Him.