Originally published Monday, 23 January 2012.

What kind of foolish do you want to be?

When I hear the word “foolish,” I’m drawn to the story of Noah, a man passionate about the pursuit of obedience … despite looking like a fool.

In Genesis 6, God speaks to Noah about the greatest flood that was ever going to occur [ 6:12]. He instructed Noah to build a massive ark [6:14-17], to bring his family [6:18] and two of every creature [6:20] on board.

I imagine the mockery made of Noah in his community would have been painful to watch. People thought Noah had lost his mind. What kind of a fool would build a giant boat and load up all those smelly animals, while there was not a rain drop in sight?

Noah appeared awfully foolish. Until … those dark rain clouds rolled in. Until … it rained and rained and rained. Until … water covered the entire earth.

Noah inspires me but obedience like his challenges me.

A few years ago I listened to a well-known author share a story about a book she had written. The sales of the book took off very quickly. A few weeks into the release of the book, another author wrote her an honest email. It said, “I knew I was supposed to write that very same message in your book. God gave me the same verses you used and the same points you made. I disobeyed God and put off writing that book and then He gave the message to you.”

In the regret of disobedience of not writing that book the author felt … foolish. As I listened to this story, I began to think of all the opportunities of God’s plans I had missed out on because of disobedience. In my own regrets, I too felt foolish.

Truthfully, God doesn’t need to use us to accomplish anything. He’s God; sovereign, powerful and mighty … with or without us. But, He wants to use us. He’s given each of us gifts, talents and a great purpose in Him.

The painful reality is, if we don’t obey God … we will miss out.  

The pursuit of obedience is hard. Along the way we may lose friends, people may mock us or call us crazy. But ultimately, we will have to choose: obedience that may look foolish to others or regrets that will make us feel foolish later on.

What kind of foolish do you want to be?

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