Committed Prayers

Originally published Monday, 01 October 2012.

For a few years my husband and I have had this crazy dream.

There is an old abandoned farm across the street from our neighborhood. Many of the property’s giant Oak trees have fallen over. Weeds have overtaken the fields and the once charming white barn recently crumbled to the ground.

To most people passing by it could seem like this is just a useless piece of land. But in our dreams, we see something different…

A pumpkin patch, apple trees, animals, a food bank to help those in our community and a white house filled with people we love.

Our 3 daughters see something else too. Most days when we pass by this old farm one of them will say aloud, “In the name of Jesus, we believe ONE day THIS will be our farm.”

A sweet prayer our entire family has prayed. But its also a prayer that has gone unanswered. I believe most likely because there are a slew of legal issues with the farm and its VERY expensive.

So this dream stays tucked away in our hearts [for now.]

Last night while driving home my youngest daughter, Kennedy (she’s 6), decided she’s fed up with the, “In the name of Jesus we believe…” prayer.

So as we passed by the farm she shouted, “We need to pray something different because God is NOT hearing our prayers!”

I said, “Ok Kennedy what should we pray?”

She thought it through for a moment and then screamed on the top of her lungs, “GOD. WE NEED THAT FARM NOW. DO IT!”

I took a deep sigh and said back to her, “Kennedy, we probably shouldn’t pray like that.”

She [frustrated with my response] replies, “Well, I don’t agree. God needs to do something or someone else is going to buy this farm!”

Whether six or sixty years old praying about dreams can feel frustrating and stir many emotions:

God, are you there?
Are you listening?
Do you really see my hearts desires?
Why are you not allowing this dream to happen?

I know these thoughts all to well. Sometimes I [ashamedly] feel, “What is the point in even praying about my dreams?” And so, prayers about my dreams are often a sloppy-emotional mess.

But one thing about praying through my dreams I am coming to understand is this…

There’s a difference between just praying about our dreams and praying committed prayers about our dreams.

When we pray about our dreams, we are sowing seeds into our faith. The seed of commitment is one that will push us through when our faith in a God-dream feels questionable.

Committed prayers compel us to pursue our dreams before God.

Ever try to do things your way? Yes? Me too.

So I’m learning to pray:

“God, I commit to bring every step I take towards my dream before You. I don’t want to take one step Your not leading.”

[Philippians 4:6]

Committed prayers empower us to bring our emotional sabotaging giants down.

I’ve shared with you about my struggle through weakness. As I continue to press through I’m trying to pray like this:

“God, I commit to bring my doubts and my fears before you. If the emotions I’m experiencing don’t line up with Your Word, I commit to turn away from those emotions.”

[Joshua 1:3-9]

Committed prayers keep our souls closely connected with the heart of God.

Many times we wonder if the dreams in our hearts are the same as God’s plan for us. But we can trust the process of praying committed prayers to keep our hearts closely connected with His:

“God, I commit to the process of allowing my heart to become like Yours. This way I’ll know my dreams are lined with Your dreams.”

[Jeremiah 29:11]

I don’t always want to pray, especially about my dreams. But today I feel very drawn to the process of praying committed prayers.

Let’s talk about this today… leave a comment and share how you pray through your dreams. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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