How to ENJOY Reading the Bible

Originally published Thursday, 02 October 2014.

I have a confession to make: I have not always enjoyed reading the Bible. There, I said it....


Sometimes reading the Bible seemed to be just one MORE thing on my daily "to do" list. I would have a crazy, busy day of work and taking care of two kids. When my head would hit the pillow I would remember that I needed to read my Bible. So, I would settle into bed with my Bible, open it to any random page, read for 15 minutes -- or until I fell asleep -- and then "check" it off my list.


Does that sound familiar? I'm just being honest here.


However, I've got GREAT news! I've figured out how to transform my Bible reading time from a "have to" time to a "can't wait to!!" time, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!


During October, I'll be sharing lots of great tips every day to help you ENJOY Bible reading.


If you've struggled with consistent Bible reading, not being really interested in reading the Bible, or just need a way to breathe new life into your Bible reading time -- JOIN ME! This series is for you! No matter where you are right now, I invite you to PLEASE join me -- and "Share" to invite a friend! -- as we breathe new life into Bible reading time. By November 1st, you'll be SO HAPPY you did!


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Where are you right now with Bible reading? Do you enjoy reading the Bible? Do you struggle with having enough time and energy for Bible study? Maybe you think you "should" read the Bible, but have never tried it? (Please feel free to simply self-reflect or leave a comment below).