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Meltdown Mondays

Originally published Monday, 21 January 2013.


I have a tendency to get distracted from the peace of Lord on Mondays. The first day of the work week seems to offer so much promise, a fresh start. So, I try to cram every single “to-do” into one day.

Today is no different. I have a lot I would like to get squared away. I’d like to get all the laundry put away, like to tackle *every* school subject with the kids, squeeze in some exercise and writing time, and make the gourmet dinner I’ve planned. Chances are, one out of three will actually happen. So, here’s my meditation today:

“Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.” – Psalm 119:37

When things unravel today, as they generally do at least once a day where small children are involved, I pray by God’s grace to turn from looking at the worthless things like laundry and math drills. May God fix my eyes on the things of eternity: loving my children, offering grace, calming my own heart, and rejoicing in all circumstances. God is faithful and he will do it!

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