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Have you experienced anxiety and depression?

Originally published Thursday, 20 August 2015.

Okay, now I know Letters from My Father's Murderer has just rolled out the door, but I'm already thinking about my next project, and I need your help!

If you've experienced anxiety and/or depression, I'd love to hear your story! I'm currently gathering information for what I hope to be my next project (God willing) and would love to hear your struggles and victories with anxiety and depression. Some things I'd like to know are:

How old were you when you first began dealing with anxiety/depression?

What was your experience with anxiety/depression?

How did you overcome anxiety/depression?

Or if you're still dealing with it, what do you believe is holding you back from receiving healing?

If you have been healed, are you still tempted with anxiety/depression?

How do you sustain victory in this area of your life?

How long did you have to endure with your anxiety/depression?

What did your anxiety/depression feel like to you?

What thoughts did you have (these will be kept completely confidential!!!)?

Did you think you were going to go "crazy"?

What kept you going?

What hope did you hold onto?

How did those closest to you deal with your state?

Would you have wished they dealt with it differently?

What was most helpful that your friends and family did to try to help you?

What was most detrimental to you?

What were your greatest fears?

Quite honestly, these questions can go on and on, but if you decide to share your story with me, please don't let the questions affect how you tell it. In fact, don't think about these questions when you first write. Simply tell me your story. Then, if you don't mind doing it, go back and fill in the answers to these questions.

If you'd like to share your story, please visit my contact page on this site to send me a message! I may not be able to answer every message I receive, but rest assured that I will read it every one and use them to help others overcome this pit of darkness!

THANK YOU in advance for helping me help others!!!!