The Trainwreck Called, “My Mouth”

Originally published Saturday, 17 February 2018.

"Whatever you have said in the dark will be revealed in the light..." Lu. 12:3

I’ve said much in the dark. In the darkness of my mind, I've pointed fingers at others, judged their actions and sized up their issues. In the darkness I've wondered, “Why does she act so selfish? Who does she think she is, and why is she trying to show off?”

It is not the mouth on my face that goes off. It is the mouth in my mind that won't shut up. This is damaging. Every time I point a finger at someone else (you know the saying) three more point back at me. Every time I consider myself better or worse than them, the damage boomerangs back. All of these thoughts set up impossible hurdles for my own mind to jump over as it pertains to relationships, goals and self-esteem. If you think badly about others, you'll always be thinking, “What are they thinking bad about me?”

To add insult to injury, God is clear: What I say in the darkness of my mind will be revealed in the light. It will be revealed in the light of my life and it will be revealed in light before Him.

Do you tally up people's wrongs in your mind? Do you lament that you are either horribly worse than someone else or miles better? Do you keep track of others’ value, Christianity, or intentions?

Jesus tells us: "...and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be shouted on the rooftops to be heard." Lu. 12:3

This verse is our help. We remember our every bad thought about another is a screamed proclamation before God.

Next time you think:

She is so blah, blah, blah....Imagine you screaming it from a rooftop, as you stand right before God.

I hate him and he is always being a jerk...Imagine you screaming it from a rooftop, as you stand right before God.

I am so much better than she is and she is a horrible mother...Imagine you screaming it from a rooftop, as you stand right before God.

Imagine yourself screaming it so loud that both God and she/he would hear. Imagine this, not to guilt yourself into doing things right, but to unite with God - and to come to terms with the reality of your words.  God is in front of us.  We have the ability to cling to His ways, not ours. To do this is to allow Christ's face of love to change our face -- to love.

To see God is to see a new way.

A way of forgiveness. Even for those who screamed insults at the cross, Christ forgives. He loves and is guiding us to a new way.


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